Essence Fall Back to Nature Highlighter & Blush Palette 01 You’re So BeautyFALL – Palette shimmers / highlighters and blush from the autumn collection Essence 2018

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Autumn collection by Essence difficult this time pass by. Packaging design with gold foliage immediately attracts the eye, they just wanted to admire. As soon as this palette of blush and shimmers / highlighters were in my hands, I had to break up with her, with absolutely no idea what I actually will do. At first she just took pride of place on the dressing chest and pleasing to the eye, creating a good mood and bringing a piece of nature into your morning routine. After some time I wanted to get to know her. Let’s look at this extraordinary thing.

Top row: shades of highlighter, the bottom row is the corresponding color blush

Inside there is a protective membrane with the same title pattern of defoliation.

Plastic membrane

Palette is the packaging durable and pleasant to the touch the cardboard when you open it, it felt light cosmetic scent. The smell is very pleasant and unobtrusive, so I often find myself opening up the palette just to have it to admire and smell. After applying the odor I do not feel.

The palette consists of 5 shades of shimmers / highlighters and 5 are identical in color but matte blush. Net weight: 28,9 g… Photo taken in daylight

Shades from left to right, first shiny, then matte: “Yes” to Maroon, Mrs. Maple, Pretty for Mr. Apple, Lil‘ Pumpkin, Grab a Grape

Overall, I’ve always had a cautious attitude to hiliter, and amongst the blusher is a clear favorite, which I very rarely do they change. So long I didn’t know how to approach this palette until I just decided to play with her, without purpose and without the slightest idea of what the image will result.

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The experiments I started with shimmers / highlighters. It turned out that they are quite pigmented. Usually if I use the highlighter that often apply blush brush. Causing thus the shades “Pretty for Mr. Apple” and “Mrs. Maple“, I almost got cheeks dolls. Applied with special brush for the highlighter, I these shades like a lot more, so they look satin blush beautiful autumn colors. The rest of the shades as a highlighter or blush I apply not tried as they were not suited for my complexion.

Under the influence of fashion on makeup in the red-brick tones, I was curious to try the palette as shadows for easy daytime makeup. So it found its main use shade of highlighter “Lil Pumpkin”, shades of “Mrs. Maple”, “Pretty for Mr. Apple” and “Grab a Grape”.

Photo unvarnished 🙂

Here in mobile eyelid I applied a touch of highlighter Mrs. Maple in the corner of his eye Matt Pretty for Mr. Apple and crease highlighter Lil Pumpkin. On the cheeks highlighter Pretty for Mr. Apple.

About the quality I have no complaints. The shades can be easily typed on a brush and it does not raise dust, evenly applied and well-shaded. At the moment I regularly use the palette as shadows, often in combination with neutral shades from other palettes. I bought the shade “Lil’ Pumpkin”, which I put on top of the everyday shadows to make them “autumn”.

The Shade “Lil’ Pumpkin”

In life without the macro it looks something like

In this case, I find it difficult to make impartial General conclusion. I really like the packaging design, it embodies autumn like nature and pleasant smell of blush and autumn color palettes. I think that it may well become a faithful companion of those who have autumn color type or just a more vivid appearance, which are well suited to these colors. For me personally it is a beautiful toy that brings a lot of positive emotions and inspires the output beyond the normal make-up.

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Rating: strong 4-ka (I dropped the ball for what to hilateral need a little to adapt)

Price: 9,95 €

Usage time: 3 weeks

What do you think about these colors, if they fit in your image? What is your attitude to the bright accents on the cheeks.

Thank you for your attention. I appreciate your comments.

My name is Karina, I prefer the more informal “you”.

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