Essence Kiss the black sheep #05 stand out from the crowd

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As usual in Essence, packaging the most common, but qualitative: the case of normal lip balm, there is no control of the first autopsy, but the stick of lipstick is seen used it or not. The case doesn’t crack in the bag doesn’t open, the stick is not wobbly.

The stick is dark grey.

This is a lipstick that changes color depending on the pH of the skin. She does it quickly, I don’t see the grey color immediately after applying — it is the fear of getting pink.

The texture is like a balm, Maybelline baby lips — apply a very thin layer, lightweight. Care is the same — no. Yet on his lips, felt the balm softens your lips. When erased, the lips in the same condition. Lips, of course, does not dry, as many doesn’t leave a stain, but the moisture can be expected.

Swatch in a single layer on the bottom applied about five minutes ago.

Is applied evenly on swatches a bit stressed relief, on the lips it is not visible, in the folds of bleeding.

Here I applied the tint only on the bottom lip about five minutes ago. In a single layer effect is minimal.

And now both. One layer of tint already becomes brighter, but erased the hour and a half or two together with color. Maybe something remains on the lips, but my eyes do not discriminate.

Here I applied several layers of lipstick, photos in half an hour. Not very noticeable, probably, but turns tint on my lips in furious fuchsia.

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Also I have noticed that on the top lip of tint looks less bright: than the bottom. Perhaps because at bottom I have a smoother plot, and the entire upper is a relief, but for the same color I have to add color on the upper lip.

If you continue layering, fuchsia becomes so vigorous that after the working day all the maniacs in the doorways to scare. It makes to me means not independent: I applied the lipstick it in a couple of hours has worn off, I apply a new layer. The color becomes very bright, but balsam coating disappears again, again place a layer of balm. In the end, the color becomes that much even for me. I’d like a fuchsia with a purple, grape-by-note then it to me would look better.

But can be combined with lipsticks and glosses. ????

A great weight — 4.8 grams. But consumption is also large; the photo consumption by about 4-5 days of use during the working day (2-3 times).

Price: about 200 rubles.

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