Essence lipstick Adventure Awaits Get Sunkissed Metallic Lipstick

Warm sunset, the sea and watermelon gum.

Lipstick Essence Lipstick Adventure Awaits Metallic

Can’t say that I was touched sudden fashion for metallics: think thin lip-like texture is not good enough. But seeing the new collection (which, by the way, very quickly disappeared from the shelves), I, of course, looked at what there is so interesting and after Swatch on hand realized that no lipstick will not go away.

And now to tell you about it.

The transparent lid is decorated to match the name of the collection: Golden sun rays, palm leaves (but it’s not really hit the shot, for which I am sorry).

The plastic is sturdy and high quality.

The case is equipped with a good and moderately tight mechanism that allows the stick to sit straight and not to scratch the walls.

Could not capture the wonderful Golden shimmer:

Within this collection was released only 2 shades of lipstick: 01 was more bronze-brown, and 02 turned out to be rose gold, what I liked.

It looks like the stick after the first swatches. I will not hide that when applying lipstick on the lips the shimmer is quite strong and a little scratch the skin. Personally it does not bother me, especially in the toe it does not cause any discomfort, and this, in my opinion, the most important feature on which to focus.

Pretty lipstick glides on easily, despite the large amount of shimmer.

Even I, the master curve of the contour can quickly and easily put her lips.

The smell of watermelon gum, which is also reminiscent of summer, because this time of year, the season of watermelons.

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You may notice a small problem on the mucous membrane, which are easy to overlap the layers, but for some reason this lipstick still loves a little escape with the provisions of its place.

Agree that lipstick looks like sun glare on the sea water?

The upper lip is in shadow and so that the shimmer disappeared:

These 2 photos were taken in the rays of the setting sun (and it is with this phenomenon of nature I associate presented the shade). Of course, I was waiting for PM to make such photos. Just daylight is getting shorter and shorter, so it is not possible to take pictures of makeup in time.

Specifically here I applied it in 2 layers, so on the upper lip visible small lumps:

The lipstick is not super stable, but nobody was waiting for such miracles. Holds standard: to drink, to gently, but be aware that lipstick demands attention. Recovering easily, removed, too.

Very nice summer toy with incomparable flavor. Most then warm but not hot days.

Don’t consider it vulgar or too “market,” although at first feared a similar effect. Under the sun would be ideal, but I this summer, alas, I go pale.

Price: 230 roubles

Rating: 4 (take off point for strange behavior on the mucosa)



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