Essence Melted Chrome eyeshadow in shade 03 Nights Platinum is a fabulous shade, which need a special approach

Eye shadow


Today I’ll tell you about shadows of magical beauty. I think it is impossible to stay indifferent once you see this cosmic glow like

billions of stars twinkle in the night sky. However, to this beauty stayed with me longer had to work, but indeed it was worth it.

But first they conquered me is not color, but texture — I’m gone, when I first touched him. I’ll try to describe it, but I admit, in the first minutes after zatista it was hard to find the words for this.

It is similar to a soufflé: delicate, soft, silky, springy under the finger and leave indentations. When you type shadow with your finger it feels like petting the soft velvet, so they are nice, just weightless. In General, I can stay a long time in different epithets to describe their texture.

Ultimately, these feelings me and bribed. Color chose the dark blue because it seemed to me quite interesting as the accent for the upper eyelid.

The packaging of the shadows are the most simple — strong plastic washer with hinged lid closes securely. Weight 2 grams made in Poland. Smell does not have.

On the surface of the stamped ornament or flower, or snowflake, which then, of course, erased.

On the reverse side the name of the shade and the manufacturer’s recommendations to use these shadows to the appropriate database.

The sticker with the part before was at the junction of cover and base and protect the shade from unauthorized opening.

In fact, these shadows “with a secret” — when began to make a Swatch, and then I discovered the devil — it turned out that this is not a dry compact, and cream shadow, but I didn’t understand. Only when he began to wash away the shadows from the fingers, they completely refused to leave just water and smeared on the fingers, as oil and wash them only with soap and water.

It is seen that water droplets remain on the fingers

Then I decided to read the part in which the first place was Dimethicone.

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Ingredients in the cosmetics I’m no expert, but I know from experience that most of the grout to then there are various derivatives of silicone (Dimethicone, dimethiconol — he is, in part, cyclomethicone), which gives the product a feeling of softness and silkiness and allow the fingers to glide easier over the skin. That’s it for this effect, I happened at the time of the first meeting with them.

Okay, silicones don’t scare me, I decided, the shade is beautiful, will test them.

In General, if summarily, they are very unstable and roll in an hour after application. Yes, I have oily skin and overhanging eyelids, but I tried them on different bases, with the backing of cream eyeshadow and the result was always the same — an hour or two they slid into the crease of the eyelid and on the movable century, there were bald spots. Below I will show you all the options that have tried to extend the durability of the shadows.

A relative advantage can be considered that they are easily otpravlyayutsya fingers, but minus the work that they are again rapidly slipping.

So can not mention the following caveat: statuses in the crease, they remain in this state for the whole day, without turning into a dirty mess. That is, I couldn’t say, plus or minus.

It turns out that Dimethicone and To help the shadows better gain on the finger, distributed by age, but at the same time the particular durability of such shadows can be expected.

Arranged for me the only option, in which the density of the shade above, and — most importantly — vitality is to apply them on a substrate of persistent black pencil, then they will show itself in all its glory.

Now for the application. I apply them with your finger and the flat of the brush resistance is generally not affected, but the finger they definitely better be shaded. Sometimes the brush has stalled and not gaining anything, rather, she is gaining product from the surface — it is necessary to nakovyryat pieces and then distributed according to age. However, if you want precise application, then, of course, it is better to use a brush.

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I have already said that this shade struck me as the most interesting from the entire line. The manufacturer promises us the effect of “liquid chrome”. The shade really looks very impressive, but in this one shade, the effect is not the sheen of molten metal, namely the shining flicker on the eyelids. Let it difficult to wear, but the front looks superb.

The shade is also quite interesting: in direct sunlight it looks dark steel, with flash just silver, but most advantageously it is manifested in the cold natural light then becomes visible blue glow and that’s exactly what he looks like he could fit in there. Judging by the photos, sometimes it even pours purple, but in my life I never noticed.

In direct solar lucah shadows

Cold natural siteso flash — here really there is a faint purple, Narciso flash but could fit in there — look at all pure silver

By the way, if you look closely, it appears that shadows consist of tiny sequin dark blue and silver colors. Layered without a problem and the more layers applied, the tighter will be the color and more intense Shine. I am glad that during the day, the sequins do not fall off.

Left the shade with one touch in the middle two, right — layered. Lighting — sunlight.All the same, but politecology natural sveteli you enlarge the photo, it visible individual small spangle.

In makeup I like to apply them to contrast with the feathered red or brick as an accent shadow on the mobile eyelid, or apply them over a creamy black eyeliner – so you can vary their everyday makeup.

Wash them usually a two-phase medium.

Will show a few options of makeup with these shadows.

On the basis of ArtDeco

In an hour after application in the area already you can see propresenter camera caught the purple flare

On the basis of the Avon (on mobile eyelid base is also applied Essence Get Glitter On) — 3 hours after application

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On a substrate of the cream eyeshadow Maybelline Color Tattoo 24H in shade Creme de Nude — 3 hours after application

Tweaked the shadow with your finger and…

… an hour later, they have again started to slide.

On top of the black cream eyeliner is made of the Essence Smokey 2 in 1 Khol Liner

And the most “long-playing” version of: on a substrate of black pencil Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12H Extra Black, the borders feathered Essence Smokey 2 in 1 Khol Liner — 3 hours after application. Here in this method of applying these shadows hold much longer, bald spots — if they appear — will not be very noticeable on a dark background, and I can safely withdraw 8-hour working day, and not to correct them, though by the evening they still gather in the crease in the inner corner.

And once I went to a party, then why not apply these shadows on top of a black pencil for the lips?

Looks very original, just for a themed photo shoot or party.

And to be honest, I seriously adhere to the idea of multi-use cosmetics and don’t see anything wrong with that, to apply the lipstick instead of blush (well, here I am for no one America, perhaps, not opened) or liquid matte lipstick instead of eyeliner.

My shade is still too extravagant for use in daily makeup, but other shades of the line — copper red, Golden, silver, rose gold-tone — perfect as a topper over lipstick.So, I’ll probably buy a couple more shades, including for those purposes.

By the way, I read the reviews on these shadows, I came to the conclusion that in the blue shade they are the most unstable, because the winner of the bright colors on the resistance not complaining.

Summing up, I would say: I can use these shadows, of course, without that enthusiasm with which they acquired, but still a way to tame them is.

Price: 165 roubles at a discount, usually around 200.

Rating: 4-

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