Essence Metal Shock Cream eyeshadow

Liquid shadow Metal Shock from the Essence, have declared metallized glitter and in my opinion not suitable for daily makeup.

Price: 315 roubles

Volume: 3.5 ml

The package is standard, but the applicator surprised me a little.

It has a very flexible head (which can be shaky), and the pile of the applicator is longer than usual.

The texture is similar to matte lipstick also dries out quickly and poorly Blendable.

Part of a large shimmer. Looks bright and festive, not to say that has a delicate glow, as, for example, the Formula for age Armani. With eyeshadow makeup will not always be appropriate.

I have shade 04 Supernova. Greenish shade, good pigmentirovanie. For application plesivec, but may not be large lumps.

Apply to eyelids the by the applicator, smoothing/evening the edges with a brush. Clear border color is always visible. Hard to do classic Smokey due to poor shading.

If used as colored arrows to better apply a beveled brush. Shadow quickly stiffen and straighten the flaws will be difficult.

Layering is possible, but will be visible the layer thickness. Accentuate the skin texture.

Do not mix with matte shadows dry; dry shining, quite norms. They’ve added shades from the palette Make up Revolution Iconic 3.

Durability is average. The color lasts decently, glitter scatter. By the end of the day it looks very “dry” for centuries.

In terms of durability in the crease it’s hard for me to judge. This makeup did not wear all day.Make-up remover

Washed off easily by any means.


As the shadows of evening, on holiday or for fantasy images I can thoroughly recommend it. In the afternoon, I think I look at them defiantly.

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Is there UVA favorites among liquid shadows? What shades and brands do you prefer? I will be glad if you share the photos with the finished image.


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