Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex Supercharged

I’m a big fan of the previous version of EL Advanced Night Repair Eye and I think this tool is the best night cream I’ve tried. Can identify the iS Clinical Eye Complex, the rest is just good creams.


Somewhere in the beginning of the summer, it became apparent that the old version is almost impossible to buy, and miniatures of this means that mark so generously gives customer days and when you buy, disappeared entirely. It turned out that the brand was preparing to re-issue its popular product, but the brand now E added to the start of scientific research on the effects of blue light (sunlight, lighting, other electronic devices) on the appearance of signs of premature aging of the skin. Based on these studies, the brand has developed a new product – Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex Supercharged with a triple action formula aimed at restoring, brightening and protecting the delicate skin around the eyes.

15 ml — the standard quantity for eye cream, the packaging quality, the consumption is minimal.

The previous version had a little more balsamic a rich texture, this complex presents as a soft gel that is easy to apply and spread on the delicate skin around eyes and quickly absorbed.



Complex hydrates the skin around the eyes. I know that many girls do not use special creams for the eyes, instead use a face cream, but I this view is not shared and always use special creams for the skin around the eyes separately. Moreover, in most cases, and are divided into morning/evening.

Due to the excellent moisturizing cream softens fine lines, brightens the skin around the eyes (although strong I do not suffer from bruising), swelling and in the morning look more fresh, rested. This is especially important in the case of permanent crossings/flights, and in the summer I’m always traveling, and in the case of regular lack of sleep.


In most cases, small wrinkles caused by dryness of the skin, so with complex data, this problem disappears completely. Despite the fact that the name of the cream we see Night Repair, it is used as morning care and evening. I use at night and in the morning I have is a lighter cream as well as night powerful hydration of this complex I have enough for the eyes.



After 3 weeks of daily use of the complex

For this tool I noticed one peculiarity. If you use peels (for example, The Ordinary red or lactic acid), when the contact of this cream with the border area, which was previously used acid may be a slight tingling, but no itching, rashes or other allergic reactions. It is rather fast. Just pay attention to it or maybe I’m just so sensitive skin.

Estimated price: approx. 4000 rubles after discounts are applied

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