Estee Lauder announced the launch of a new sustainable development strategy

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In the Estee Lauder Companies announced the launch of a new strategy, which assumes that the company will use the new environmental, social and governance methods (ESG) in order to promote their achievements in the field of corporate social responsibility.

New objectives of the company include appropriate actions for the responsible choice of ingredients. In particular, one of the tasks of this strategy is that 90% of the ingredients based on palm oil must be certified sustainable. The organization also seeks to achieve its commitment to achieve zero carbon emissions into the environment, in addition, according to representatives of the Estee Lauder by 2025 from 75 to 100% of packaging will be recycled, reused by consumers, which will reduce the amount of waste due to the possibility of repeated use of the same packaging. American cosmetics giant will also address issues of transparency of ingredients, safety and social investment.

“Consumers and employees are increasingly attracted to special brands and companies – said the President and CEO of Estee Lauder Companies, Fabrizio Freda. – We have a long history of working for the benefit of others and to improve the places where we live and work. We are proud of our many achievements in this field. Our company picks up its mission to a higher level in the field of ESG, announcing the new order, which will be integrated into our strategy and our business activities.”

Nancy Mahon, senior Vice President, global corporate responsibility and sustainable development, added: “Our brands such as Aveda, MAC and Origins have historically been leaders in the field of sustainable development and corporate responsibility, so they have significant experience in providing a meaningful effect on our consumers, employees and the communities in which we produce and sell our products. Our goal ESG throughout the company are part of a mission to create a more sustainable and beautiful world and emphasize our deep commitment to innovation and implementation of sustainable principles and social goals in all aspects of our business in the long term.”

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