Estee Lauder Double Wear Light SPF 10 in shade 2N1 Desert Beige

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Not long ago, Estee Lauder has released a new concealer Double Wear Light.

The description of the manufacturer’s Double Wear Light — this concealer with the effect of retouching for the perfect selfie and durability within 24 hours.

Thanks to persistent formula the product does not spread under the influence of sweat, humidity, rain and water, withstanding even the workout in the gym. Like photo filter, conceals visible skin imperfections.

Has a light texture, does not dry the skin and gives it a sense of comfort due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid.

The feeling of lightness of the makeup and no oily Shine throughout the day. Buildable coverage, from light to medium looks natural and unnoticeable. Does not change its shade during the day, does not contain oils.

Palette includes 7 shades with cool, neutral and warm undertone. The name of the color is denoted by three characters, for example I have a tone 2N1 .

The first digit indicates the saturation of the hue. 1 – light, 2– medium, 3 – dark.

The letter refers to the undertone. N – neutral, C (Cold) cold, has more pink pigment, W (Warm) – warm, more yellow.

The following figure – the severity of Potana.

That is, 2N1 — medium neutral.

Concealer is a soft tube, with a volume of 30 ml. Excellent packaging with spout, easy to extract and dispense a remedy. Sun protection factor SPF10.

According to the texture of the concealer is very plastic, not liquid. Spreads easily and lasts on the skin. It has good covering power, can be layering. Tightly not matte, but rather has a satin finish. Depending on the method of application can be obtained from thin (with water) to thick (brush) When applying the colors using duovir from Zoeva or byteblaster.

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The tone does not sink into pores about the face underlining can not say anything.In dry areas, for example, the cheeks can SIP on the skin. I recommend to prepare these areas before applying (I think it is not the fault of the cream, and the problem of nursing as a whole).

Well together with Estee Lauder DayWear cream (I have dry skin) as a base.

Durability on my skin killer, powder don’t fix. Moreover, in the first few minutes it can be stamped, then fixed.

Hand with distributed tone

Serious masking from it should not wait, but this is a huge plus. A thin layer of skin looks “alive”, and the specific problems it is better to cover with concealer. Previous Doudle Wear I haven’t tried, I can not compare.

My baseline skin prone to dryness, redness, and pore clogging. light pigmentation.

Without a tone

With the tone immediately after application And a selfie with him really good)

Mascara liked it. Anyway, I believe the tone from Estee Lauder one of the best in the luxury segment, the main thing to choose for your skin type.

Cost: 3950 rubles (before discounts)

Rating: 5

Testing period: 3 weeks.

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