Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick Rouge 101 Desire Let Go Warming caramel

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Lip makeup is my favorite part of this action.

So I am particularly glad to test Estee Lauder Pure Color Desire in shade 101 Let Go.

Beautiful metal case laconic rectangular shape Golden color is quite weighty, snaps securely on the magnet.

Lipstick in shade 101, Let Go, additionally placed in a cardboard box branded blue.

On the box in the center we see a gold uppercase title brand in a red frame. Red also duplicated inside of the cap.

The brand name is printed on the part of the case where the stick.

Product weight 3.1 grams.

Let Go is a warm caramel shade.

A moisturizing, pigment rich formula provides exceptional feeling of comfort and bright hue is what we promised.

How a good lipstick and does the stated promises? Now we’ll find out.

Swatch under different angles.Daylight from the window

Go over the characteristics:

  • the texture is creamy;
  • water-tight;
  • fragrance -beauty light, almost not there;
  • the finish is also creamy, oily;
  • not dry, but I rarely have that discomfort, and lips trying to take care of constantly;
  • not too tough, but it’s not supposed to formula, delicately imprinted with a hearty application, will survive a light snack for sure;
  • does not spread and does not fall on mucous membrane;
  • the lips is very comfortable, has a caring components;
  • coming off a very comfortable, without coloring the lips.

Let’s see how it looks on the lips?

Lipstick is applied directly with the stick. For me it’s a plus -I don’t like brushes for Hubert 30 minutes after naneseniya a snack with a drink for about 2-3 hours socks After a snack and a drink for about 2-3 hours socks

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I’m glad I got this shade as I would imagine definitely not buy. Nothing, I think, very well for me.

Two days in a row wore the lipstick and the lips are in very good condition.

Rating 5.

The cost is not yet defined in Russian networks, but I think about 2800 rubles without discounts

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