Estee Lauder will pay over a million dollars for gender discrimination

In 2017 the American cosmetics company, a lawsuit was filed in the court from the Commission for equal opportunities in employment. After a year of trial Estée Lauder (ELC) has been ordered to pay 1.1 million dollars to its 210 employees-men.

The U.S. Commission on equal opportunity employment (EEOC), the organization that filed the lawsuit on behalf of plaintiffs, argued that cosmetics giant illegally deprived employees who have just become fathers benefits when returning to work, which is usually given to women, for example, a temporary flexible schedule.

The EEOC also claimed that ELC has provided men, unlike women, paid leave in connection with the birth or adoption of a child at lower rates. In addition to the financial penalty ELC was ordered to change its policy in terms of maternity leave and child care that women and men receive the same parental benefit.

Thus, in may the company revised its policy in respect of leave to care for a child, allowing its employees from the United States 0получать paid leave to care for a baby at 20 weeks regardless of sex. The owners also were required to provide trainings in terms of unlawful discrimination on grounds of sex, controlled by the EEOC.

Thomas Rethem, senior counsel in the case, said: “the Policy in respect of leave to care for a child should not reflect stereotypes about gender roles. When it comes to paid leave for communication with a new baby or flexibility in return to work from this leave, mothers and fathers should be treated equally. We commend the ELC in cooperation with the EEOC in the decision, which provides for compensation to male employees who had less paid leave for the care of children and revised its policy, allowing to provide a 20-week paid vacation after ceived guardedly child all parents in the future.”

Mindy Weinstein, acting Director of the Washington office of the EEOC, stated: “This court decision guarantees that ELC will provide equal opportunity to holiday for young parents, and what the law requires and what makes sense for families.”

The press-Secretary of the ELC in an interview to the Internet portal of the Cosmetics Business said: “last year, Estée Lauder has extended family benefits for employees, including increased allowances for child care, so we can provide inclusive, progressive and positive environment for all our employees. These are important steps to ensure that our policies support employees consistent with the values of the company and was one of the most favorable offered by any large company to its employees in support of working families”.

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