Etude House My Beauty Tool Brush Exfoliating Silicon Jellyfish


One, two, three, four, five,

Was released Bunny to walk.

Etude House My Beauty Tool Brush Exfoliating Silicon Jellyfish

In the era of the Foreo Luna is such a simple brushes, no surprise. But I still suggest you to get acquainted with this lovely animal.

It could be a cat, and a dog and a bear, but for some reason I see a Bunny. So to call it going that way.

Honey was Packed in a square plastic box. It is presented in the manual. It’s very simple: you need to wet the sponge part of the brush, add a facial wash to achieve the formation of foam and, of course, clean the face of dirt, peeling and other troubles. But about all under the order.

I ordered the brush in the online store of Korean cosmetics, and then happened to see the sea the same brushes on a famous Chinese website. So to get it very easily.

The brush is a very interesting structure. In fact it is two way that you can easily see in the photo.

The upper side is my favorite. On the “head” of the Bunny located notched silicone bristles. Despite their shape, they are very soft and tender. Making them face massage —a pleasure!

But the bottom side can injure the skin. The reason for this is the same sponge, which creates foam. The sponge is made of a hard material, which can significantly scratch the skin, so use this aspect carefully.

Foam forms the middle, but soft and pleasant. Of course, the air clouds of foam should be expected.

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After use, I dry brush in a similar position:

Brush became my good helper. Unfortunately, I can use it only when the skin has no inflammation. If you do such problems occur constantly, it is better to forget about such purification.

Light massage, help in the fight with black dots and dry skin — here’s how you can describe the operation of a small rabbit. I also really appreciate the fact that my bathroom had such a cute and cheerful assistant.

Period of use: approximately 1.5 months

Price: about 3-4$

Rating: 4



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