Euromonitor International has examined the issue of masculinity in the beauty industry


According to Euromonitor International, gender norms are changing as the ideals of masculinity and the beauty industry needs to keep pace with the times and focus on trust and a holistic approach to health – important values for consumers.

Published in this month’s Beauty report 2019 Key Insights Survey conducted by Euromonitor International, identified three key trends shaping today’s beauty market: the growth of digital consumption, increasing expectations of premium products and shifting ideals of masculinity.

As for masculinity, the study showed that for many consumers today, this trait is associated with the concepts of confidence and reliability. Courage, intelligence and independence were also widely accepted definitions of masculinity. It is important to note that the survey showed that among the five main characteristics associated with “masculinity,” only one – force was a physical symptom. According to the report, the perception of masculinity also varied with age, and reliability are important to people over 60.

Priyaka Bagde, a senior analyst at Euromonitor International and author of the report, said that changing the perception of masculinity and the strengthening of online discussions about “toxic masculinity” is important for manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products in terms of the target group is male. “There is no single perfect solution for cosmetic brands focused on men buyers. They will need to take a multilateral approach in product development, marketing campaigns, and for social networks,” – says the analyst.

Beauty brands would have to appeal to masculinity, first, “avoiding gender stereotypes and representations” in positioning and marketing products, as it is often kept men from taking a certain beauty routine. Industry must focus on strategies related to healthy and holistic approach to beauty, which is important for both men and women.

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Already 59% of women and 48% of men surveyed last year associated the beauty in order to look healthy. And brands have the opportunity to strengthen this Association, informing consumers about the importance of caring for the health of the hair and skin, regardless of gender, as well as offering products to help them. This implies the following trait of masculinity is confidence.

“It creates for cosmetic brands have a significant opportunity to directly involve the perception of consumers through their marketing strategy. Great potential lies in the development of care products for hair and skin to meet the specific needs and problems of men health of skin and hair, especially now, when the representatives of the stronger sex are more open to try beauty products in General, said Bahde. Companies also should focus on marketing campaigns and positioning in stores that helps men to feel confident in the purchases and selection of cosmetics”.

However, the industry had to make efforts to overcome “entrenched, albeit stereotypical, thinking that “real men don’t…” – ways of thinking that limit access and cosmetic items for the same sex, said Bahde. The analyst is confident that manufacturers have to develop specialized products for specific needs and problems of men in the field of hair and skin; make marketing strategy to make beauty less focused on specific gender and more are available for men, as well as to use social networks to raise awareness of both men and women on how to take care of my needs in hair and skin helpful and everyone has the right to look your best”.

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