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Hello, dear girls! I remember that I liked baked powder Pupa Luminys Baked Face Powder. I liked it all except the hard, uncomfortable and awkward to some. But the effect satin skin suited me perfectly. Powder Eva mosaic I saw quite by accident, ran a finger down the tester and decided that I really need. That’s just tinged with a little guessing, so go for lighter. And about the powder I’ll tell you now went…

The shade 03. Weight 7,5 g. Duration of use after opening 18m.

Hard plastic, convenient, has a mirror, but there is no sponge. The case does not say that just high quality, but not flimsy, overall decent.

Baked, when typesetting on the brush a little dusty.

From the manufacturer: a light, weightless and delicate texture. Evens skin tone and sets makeup. The powder contains vitamin E and jojoba oil that care for the skin, moisturize and nourish it, protect from the negative effects of the environment. A silky powder with an incredibly high concentration of spherical micropigments for color correction of the face! Luxurious texture perfectly blends with the skin tone, forming a semi-Matt coating with a delicate satin glow. If you want to create a particularly dense coverage, use a damp sponge. 4 shades to create a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Wet method I tried to apply, it turns out, “cake”, I did not like.

Texture: velvety, silky, very pleasant tactile.

The coating is higher, it is possible to overlap a little red for example. But the coverage depends on the brush itself, if more fluffy, it lays down a veil of light, if more dense, and tone is not necessary, but to Shine the skin, as a highlighter all over the face. I apply with a fluffy brush and sometimes without Foundation, just over sunscreen. Although, there are downsides.

The skin does not dry, most suitable for normal/dry skin than for oily.

Durability is average, I have five hours becomes visible skin texture, but it’s under very close inspection.

• Peeling can emphasize.

Shade 03 is ideal for touched tan skin.Hue is not visible, but then you will see that it is quite obvious.

Finish I wouldn’t say that semi, as stated by the manufacturer, it is definitely velvety satin. Perfect for those who love radiance.

Bare skin, applied care.

My skin is rather old, I’m 40 years old, quite smooth, uniform, on the nose has enlarged pores, but not critical. Normal skin prone to dryness.

Launched a powder with a dense brush.

It is seen that shade me now is not suitable, too dark. The pores, in my opinion, have become more emphasized, but overall is not bad. Although in the photo I look like a rotisserie chicken.

In makeup, five minutes later. The powder is applied to bare skin without makeup.

Visible satin glow, I like it. A little off the redness on the nose.

And yet, the pores become more visible.

And then I applied the powder with a fluffy brush CC cream in shade very light. Here with this application to the pores already look much better and the shade of powder became more transparent and bright.

Summing up, I can say that I am satisfied with the powder and just go buy a lighter shade. Not for oily skin. On my skin looks nice, the face turns fresh and lively. But with this powder I can’t use a satin blush and military, because the process will be.

Thanks for reading and share your opinion if used the powder.

All the same, Julia PS

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