Eveline cosmetics metallic cream eyeshadow 02 and 04

Eye shadow

On the wave of Christmas shopping I made a few strange purchases, here is one:

Bought these liquid shadows just as dowry to the basic order, like liquid shadows, and here and the price is nice.

Actually on the subject:

Shade 04 gold, 02 silver.

Satest on the hand, shows these shadows are best. Here’s a Swatch:

In real life the situation is not so rosy:

Gold 04 still nothing. 02 silver falls unevenly, some cereal, and terribly plesivec. Brush both are the same, not only not to put her shadow — it’s flour, it captures a lot of shadows and spreads them out. So in both cases I used my brush to blend, but Kaku under the number 02 and is not saved.

Adding a spoonful of honey in a barrel of tar, it should be noted that the shade is pretty persistent. Gold after a day socks remained in place, though, and gathered a little in the crease.

Price: 1.5 $. Took action, without it is$ 2. 04 plan to use next. 02 throw. The result is disappointing: it is necessary to permanently renounce hasty purchases — often they bring frustration and financial losses.

I don’t plan to repeat this purchase, although the 04 seems to be nothing… Nothing!

This is my review over, I hope someone will be useful.

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