Evening makeup with pigment Touchy Tammy Tanuka

Good evening!

I want to show you another option makeup, which, in principle, it is possible to “walk” in the New year. Well, whether or not in the New year or not to walk…

Used cosmetics:

  • I finally started to use a primer (though still not every day), this time I picked a favorite silicone base The Smoother Universal Perfecting Primer Estee Lauder.

  • Draw the eyebrows, while the primer “shrinks” – not to use a million means, using the shadow from the palette — it’s now a shade of Smoked Tarteist eyeshadow Pro palette Tarte;

  • Then apply the tone (of that instance will tell separately) — Fresh tone Infaillible 24H in shade 020 Ivory L’oreal Paris, over the eyelids also slightly going, to even skin tone;

  • Now back to the eyes: to clean clogged in the crease tone, and then shaded with a pencil Stylo Eyeshadow Pen in shade 040 Brown To Earth draw the shape, more precisely, the area;

  • Duplicate on the lower eyelid;

  • Fluffy synthetic brush stretch cream shadow;

  • The mixture of shades Profesh and fierce of Tarteist eyeshadow Pro palette Tarte duplicate the shadow, slightly entering the fold, how would sculpturer eyelid. The intensity can be increased, layering shadows, it just depends on your desires (the first time I did this makeup less saturated);

  • Repeat this on the lower eyelid;

  • Now apply concealer Avon Mark Matte Nude Cream Concealer in Fair shade from the inner corner to about the middle (can be extended up to two thirds) above the folds don’t need to climb. It will be under the substrate pigment. Why is the concealer? It is well smoothes and evens perfectly, it fit well pigments. Why is this? Just like that, it’s surprisingly good, and the transfer to Nars of the substrate I’m sorry :);

  • Now with a small brush I put the pigment Touchy Tammy Tanuka. This gentle, but very interesting purple-gold duochrome I just love. Its the same paint under the eyebrow to fracture;

  • Shade, smoothening the transition between the pigment and area hints Fierce and no filter;

  • Still slightly deepen the area with a mixture of Smoked and Vamp shades…

  • … and they (the Vamp) subtly draw the contour on the upper ciliary edge;

  • Now I am getting the mucosa of the lower eyelid purple pencil Glimmerstick brights eye liner in the shade Purple Punch Avon (it is long gone, but the meaning in color). The choice of pencil is also easy to explain — I still can not get kayalami I need flowers, if I had something more suitable, I’d use it. Meanwhile, choose from available;

  • An attempt to reverse the blue area under her eyes with concealer Concealer Nars Radiant Creamy;

  • Lashes, apply a mascara base, the famous Eveline Advance Volumiere;

  • Then mascara – Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils YSL The Curler

  • … and accent — colored purple mascara volumateur mascara Premiere Cabaret artistique, shade 04 on the ends. Any step you can skip the mascara and use false eyelashes, I, too, could apply less coats, but I understood it later;

  • All eyes, it’s time to “finish” the face. Mask the deficiencies that did not hide the tone, the concealer, the Radiant Creamy Concealer Nars;

  • Powdered whole layer cake (to not spread to the periphery) True Match Alliance Perfect 2.R/2.C Rose Vanilla L’oreal Paris, which are gaining slightly on the brush (not a sponge!);

  • Enliven the face a little blush, NYX High Definition Blush in shade 12 Soft Spoken…

  • … and add radiance — satin shadow in shade Limoni 204 Golden Aureole, it is put in the inner corner of the eye, if someone does not understand, I just love them;

  • Leaving only the lips. Another adorable thing of my cosmetics – pencil lip gloss, Max Intense Colour Lip Liner in shade 18 Light Plum.

You’re done! You can dress up and Shine 🙂

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