Everyday makeup Limoni

What are you everyday makeup? I’m usually on a school morning is not enough time for makeup, and beautiful to go to the office you really want. So in my Arsenal always arrows and lip gloss delicate hue. I recently met with makeup Limoni, this is my first beauty tool brand that I will show.

Waterproof matte eyeliner Matte Waterproof Limoni Eyestyler dramatic line

Eyeliner pen in matte design with steel silver label looks stylish and expensive. This is a fairly new product from the brand. On the packaging it is evident that the eyeliner is water resistant, the manufacturer promises us 24 hours durability. A volume of 1.2 ml that pen is not enough.

Thin tip pen

The tip of the liner as a handle, long and thin enough, after a few uses does not deform and break. In addition, to draw the arrow to them is very convenient, even if you’re a beginner. You can draw as thin line and a thicker.

Such a stylish and convenient markerOn hand:

The eyeliner has a matte finish, quickly grasped. I wear contact lenses, so it is important that the liner did not spread to the mucous membranes (eyes are watering periodically) and is not pinched when applying (this also happens in some brands).

On the eyelid:

The eyeliner is soft and pleasant to apply, no discomfort. Sets up fast and does not spread, but after a few hours periodically erased near konjuktivalnogo of the pouch, as the eyes. But the downside is not believe, after all the pen and not gel eyeliner, the best result I get in the Suite. The arrow itself lasts all day (24 hours I have not tested it, of course. But the 16 hours she survived). Arrow does not spread, does not fall off in pieces. For purity of experiment was applied to a clean eyelid.

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Can easily conventional micellar water or a cleansing gel, easily. I was very surprised because the product declared by the manufacturer as water-resistant. Therefore, the issue of water resistance I have no confidence. However, the product overall is good, suitable for beginners and any girl in daily use. Price, in my opinion, is fully consistent quality and volume.

Rating: 5-

Price: 570 RUB.

Lip gloss Limoni Shimmering Gloss in shade 23

The brilliance is in the usual concise clear bottle with a glossy lid shade black chrome. Volume of product 6 ml, made in Italy.

Applicator — sponge

Applicator — the sponge is moderately soft and fluffy, with a comfortable cut and the “right” size. He is gaining a sufficient amount of gloss, it is convenient to layer, and it perfectly draws the outline of the lips. I really love the applicators, to me they are the most comfortable.

The scent of the gloss, I was pleasantly surprised, it is fruity, sweet sour, reminds me of the aroma of ripe apples in the garden, or peaches. He felt slightly when applied, but is not felt on the lips. I like it when the glitter, there is a nice tasty flavor. By itself, the Shine color-blind.

On the hand

Shade 23 — cool pink with silvery — pink shimmer. The shade is versatile and looks great on the lips, always appropriate.

Shine great texture, not dry, not rolled. It’s absolutely not greasy and not sticky, don’t have to constantly pull out hair from his lips. It is durable, stays on my lips for 5 hours, withstands light snack. Goes beautifully evenly, leaving a subtle shimmer is only on the lips. On the one hand, simple color, simple packing and howling just gorgeous quality.

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Rating: 5

Price: 450 RUB.

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