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Today is celebrated the international day of cunnilingus. The first mention of these oral caresses belong to Ancient China. Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang dynasty introduced a in the court etiquette custom, according to which “lick Lotus stamens” as she called it, became a symbol of the coming era of female superiority. She made all the officials and high-ranking persons (even then it was obvious that this sexual practice is suitable for all people, regardless of gender) to show special respect for Her Imperial Majesty by cunnilingus. Today about any superiority this is not the main thing — that all involved in the process was a pleasure.

In honor of the holiday SPLETNIK.RU conducted a survey and found out why men and women like to do cunnilingus, how important is an intimate haircut and how often the girls themselves refuse oral sex.

Gennady, teacher, 38 years

For me to kiss a woman there — a special pleasure. First, it is very beautiful. Kissing woman in the most sacred place, you go back to the origins of the universe are at the center of the universe. I love kissing my wife right there, I know all her desires and sensitive areas, so a happy ending is inevitable.

I don’t like all these Hobbies Brazilian waxing, I’m for natural beauty. Actually, I can and squirt to do. This is also a very pleasant story for women. I know that many men do not like and do not know how to do cunnilingus and squirt — well, gentlemen, you have a lot to lose.

Michael, designer, 24 years

I don’t usually wait till a girl asks for oral sex, I’ll start to do everything himself. Tips on how to give pleasure, I have never been given, but if she wants something specific, I’d love to hear her wishes.

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Of course I want to have a girl orgasm and sometimes, if it still does not receive, then feel some incompleteness, but try not to be soared about it. The main thing — not a goal but a path. The only rule for me: no “bushes”, infections or blood. Yeah, sounds harsh, but still.

Alexander, Manager, 30 years

My girlfriend cunnilingus is always foreplay. First I can lick, kiss or massage my inner thighs and pubis before moving on to the main point. At one men’s magazine I read that the biggest mistake that men commit when doing cunnilingus, it’s trying to work his tongue as well as penis. So I try to do everything as gently as possible — with feeling, with properly, with deliberation.

When I’m (literally) immersed in the process, I don’t pay so much attention to what a woman does — I like to concentrate on my feelings. But great if the girl will give feedback, for example when she is moaning or screaming — that means I’m on the right track.

The ideal position is 69. Most of the time the previous partner refused to cunnilingus, but willing to do a Blowjob. Did not understand that they were confused. I do not want — do not insist, I certainly will not.

Faith, student, 23 years old, bisexual

I love to do kuni (much more than a Blowjob, for example). Can’t say that this is a mandatory program, but this is the fastest and surest way to bring the girl to orgasm. And of course it is a certain level of intimacy. Men in General are very, very rarely know how to handle the vulva, they are more penetrative sex practice, the device of the clitoris they do not understand. Besides, they often bristle, and it is right there.

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To learn how to do Cooney? I don’t think this is possible because women are more complicated and all different it works. Someone like suction movement, someone head of the clitoris is too sensitive for this and better to work through, sorry, hood. In any case, it is necessary to monitor the reaction of your partner. And to ask questions.

However, in the case of heterosexual intercourse, many women will lie and pretend in order not to offend their partner. So follow the amount of grease — if everything is OK, it will be a lot. Do be careful to how does the body of the partner. Still a real orgasm is hard to fake.

Peter, photographer, 29 years old

I want the other person enjoyed the process so much as I do. So the reason I like doing cunnilingus is partly selfish: if a woman feels good then I enjoy it. If I see that it starts, then I get excited. I think that a good lover should be able to do cunnilingus. Some women prefer penetration to achieve orgasm, but I have found that many end up only with clitoral stimulation.

It seems to me that girls are too used to guys who just recline back against the headboard and lie. And I was in bed want to surprise. How damn sexy to see a woman completely relaxed in bed, knowing that she’s not faking it.

Paul, freelancer, 28 years

I regularly do his girlfriend cunnilingus. We don’t do it every time I have sex, on average a couple times a week. All depends on my mood. My previous girlfriend once told me “no”. Amazing — I don’t think that someone of the guys have ever refused a Blowjob. In General, women should not hesitate to better talk about your desires, we’re not psychics.

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During the process, my girlfriend can tell me that I work too hard language, for example, or so I did everything slow down. It motivates and helps me to better understand what exactly she wants at this point. After that, I usually think: “Okay, let’s follow these tips they will benefit”. And so it goes. Of the poses prefer it when a girl sits on my face, I can masturbate, so we often end synchronously.

Usually my eyes are closed. It’s a bit like how if you spend tongue along the inside of the cheeks, at least she is smooth and moist.
I have a fairly rich sexual experience. In all the years I’ve probably seen all kinds of vaginas, and I have been a major jerk in the world if I break up with a girl because she had large labia, or the pubic area was not shaved, or the taste of her release I would be embarrassed. Actually, it all doesn’t matter.

Nicholas, a policeman for 32 years

Cunnilingus for me can be as obyazalovke, and a way to bring unreal pleasure. Rather the second option. Rather, I want oral sex with a girl with whom we are close, not just with a lady for one night. Although anything can happen. Specialiter on this subject never read and with the boys this subject is never discussed. Prefer to act intuitively. Basically don’t ask and watch the reaction, breath sounds. Starting from a reaction know what to do.

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