Exercises that can tighten the breast for two weeks

Of course, refocusing the issue and uploaded the buttocks look nice and sexy. But in the pursuit of a perfect figure not all girls remember that you should pay attention to the chest. This article will show you how to pull it.

These simple exercises when regularly performed, will help to make Breasts more beautiful. The first results you will see in two weeks.

The most effective and useful exercise for upper body are pushups. They help to develop endurance and strength and also help build muscle and make strong joints. If you find it hard to do push-UPS in the standard position, it is possible to perform the exercise, bending your knees.

Another basic exercise for the development of chest muscles is the bench press. The barbell allows you to use more weight and muscles are worked out more detailed. Do three sets of 20 repetitions.

To work the chest muscles by using pull-UPS with own weight. It will not do without the horizontal bar. Every day do three sets of 15 exercises. It is very important to keep the working muscle group was in suspense, therefore, observe the amplitude of their movements. They should be without jerks, smooth and monotonous.

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