Expectation and reality: soap “Vanilla latte” from the soap company “Spivak”

With the products of TM “Spivak” I know not the first year, but the soap somehow passed it by. During the next resupply my attention was attracted by the packaging and the name. Well, tell me, who will be able to easily refuse a Cup of refreshing drink? So I couldn’t.

In my opinion,thepackaging is adorable. A simple bag made of thick paper with a sticker with complete information about the product. Anything superfluous, all is harmoniously, no flashy colors, and long promises. The font is nice to read information about Soaps, don’t need a loupe.

Soap is a heavy block of dark brown color with darker inclusions, the edges are slightly uneven. Cream, of course, the manufacturer sorry. In any case, no Association with a wonderful drink latte I have this product is.

First time to use soap was not very pleasant, because the edges were kind of spicy. Particles of coffee started to feel after 3-4 days. They are small enough, relative to the skin delicate, that will appeal to those who have it sensitive. The foam is in the hands of well, a sponge is not used, as this soap my hands only. The foam is brown in color and slightly stain the sink. Not dry the skin even with frequent use. Cleans well stains from ballpoint pens, for example, disappear instantly, but in order to wash away the thermal protection hair oil format, it will take 2 soaping.

And now for the point which is very important to me, and which I, frankly, was very disappointed. Smell. I was expecting if not bright, and rich coffee flavor with a slight hint of vanilla, even just the smell of coffee, but, alas, I feel only a strange sort of mixture of dish soap with chocolate. Thank you at least that the scent is soft and doesn’t remain on skin after use.)

Do not buy it because of the smell.

Price: about 100 rubles

Term of use: about a month

Rating: by its technical characteristics, this soap deserves 5 points out of 5, but the smell of a two.

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