Experts forecast the emergence of new ingredients and products in 2019

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Belinda Carley, Director of the Institute for science about personal hygiene, shared his forecasts concerning the main novelties and trends shaping the beauty industry in 2019.

2018, of course, a year of independent brands, many of them managed to conquer the market, surpassing even the largest players. Next year this trend will not only continue, but will be actively developed. One of the main advantages of the new brands that they bring innovative ideas to the industry, sort of, shake up the established market. To be noticed in this competitive market, the brand should significantly stand out, so the owners of such companies are those people who constantly find the point of difference!

We often see innovations presented by the independent brands on the market, which are very interested large companies. Raw material suppliers also pay attention to it, offering smaller package sizes of many materials to make their materials attractive for smaller companies, because they know that they will grow and develop. Therefore, this market segment is the most promising for growth and innovation.

Over the past 10 years, to 2018, the sector of natural cosmetics grew steadily, and then survived a huge leap. We will continue to observe an increase in the number of options for the use of natural and environmentally friendly materials to create new products “green” cosmetics. Modern cosmetic manufacturers, according to Mrs. Carly, little chance of success, if their product is not at least several popular cocomponent. This also contributes to the growing interest of consumers in sustainable development of the industry.

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2019, according to the experts, not only prepares the emergence of a number of natural ingredients. Here are some of the trends will be the desire of manufacturers to be certified to strengthen their positions, both in natural and organic sector of the global beauty market. This will provide greater transparency of natural and organic cosmetics.

In 2018 was finally set priorities in the sector’s skin care. In the coming years in this segment will be dominated by a holistic approach. Now the industry is betting on “grace of ageing”, not just for rejuvenation. It is not enough to protect from ultraviolet radiation or pollution. We are talking about the holistic approach to lifestyle, including in combating the effects of stress, blue light, irregular sleep cycles, and even infrared light.

Products in 2019 will have a comprehensive approach to care that takes into account our modern lifestyle and how it affects the appearance of skin and hair, which will cause the increase from the beginning of the new year release of active ingredients to resolve these problems. In this regard, product customization will be in the first place.

We should also mention the extraordinary forms of products, the main purpose of which is to attract the attention of consumers. Interesting applicators or devices will also be used for dispensing or applying the product to reinforce the brand personality and the effectiveness of the product. We have already seen interesting new products: jelly, reusable applicators, wearable devices are just some of the initial ideas. And in 2019 many of them will be a real breakthrough for the market.

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