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Spray nail Polish China Glaze Nail Coloured Spray Purple Shimmer.

I love to paint nails. Despite the modern availability of gel varnish, with their excellent durability, I still can’t abandon the ordinary nail Polish. The process of applying the color to me is akin to meditation. However, the format of varnish, which I want to tell you meditation is not placed at all)).

The manufacturer positions this tool as Express coverage, allowing you to create a manicure in minutes. The color of my nail Polish is called Sparkling Purple.

So, China Glaze, spray paint in Purple Shimmer shade. The bottle is small, 40 grams inside heavy many balls (I’ll tell you that the shake you need a long and aggressive, otherwise the color will fall unevenly). Packed in a cardboard box with detailed information on the composition and applying the product, which greatly facilitated the first application.

Color bright purple, with a neon sheen, and multiple metallic shimmer, almost invisible indoors, but very bright sparkling in the sun, almost as good holography.

On the technical characteristics decided to tell you, simultaneously demonstrating the process of applying varnish. I also want to warn you that the photo is not processed, which in this case is important because the raw image very clearly showed the shortcomings of the product, which in life a little less visible.

So, my Express manicure:

The source material is)) Manicure for ten days, decided to redo to see how the paint will behave on the not polished cuticle.

Struck on fingers oil for nails (to be honest, anticipating the possible staining of the skin), degreased nail plate.

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Caused base. In my case used the base for a similar spray Polish from Essence, which is the idea of the producers is also a top coating. By the way, the same tool two-in-one offers for spray-paints and China Glaze. Causing database I tried to apply it perfectly straight, as the varnish should fix it on the base, and may be its uneven application.

One minute after applying the base, carefully stirred (as it turned out, not) a bottle of varnish, I applied the first coat. Doing this procedure over the sink, the Sink was stained, but the paint came off instantly and without a trace. Achieve a non-uniform, with streaks, translucent, free edge visible.

After 1 minute the layer was dry (this was seen caught on the fingers the varnish) and I liberally sprayed a second coat. The color deepened but perfectly uniform did not. Think I might try a third layer, but the manufacturer recommended two and I chose to follow

A minute after the second layer caused top. I used the top from the system resistant coatings Avon. Usually it with the first layer gave good gloss, and suddenly something unexpected happened — a bright top covering for 10 minutes as if absorbed into the nail and nail left matte. Made the second layer top — get familiar glossy.

At this point, the fingers were smeared and I was very worried about how to wash off the excess. As it has appeared, worried in vain, as the varnish is washed off from the skin instantly, within several seconds just with warm water. I in any case, already held in hands a soap that did not add any advantages or disadvantages to speed rinsing.

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So they began to look like a nail after a manicure.

The bottle will definitely leave to the younger girls of the family as a nice fun toy, as a tool for me is not important. Why? Yes, because did not see no advantage for himself. So, let’s list the cons:

— A poor set of shades, always bright and quite demanding way.
— Express manicure took me about 20 minutes fiddling I smeared with my fingers, which leave a slight residue on the bottles with the base top and the cylinder. They are perfectly washed away, but it’s extra time. If you do nail Polish often, I think, can be significantly accelerated.
But even accelerating, the quality of coverage I will be able to change hardly… It’s uneven, striped, nail from the side bolsters of the seats are not stained due to anatomical features of the structure of the nail. In General, I can say that, painting your nails, for nearly 30 years, having learned to do it almost perfectly regular polishes, got this manicure, which went at the beginning of his meager manicure experience.

The varnish is easily removed GDSL any, I have without acetone. Traces of pigment on nails leaves. Wore three days, and then began to descend from the tips, but the desire to erase it earlier because of the carelessness of the coating.

It was purchased in the heat two more such spray firm Essence, the only difference is sharply neon colors and smell which irritates the nose and eyes, China GLaze smell almost has.

Full price on the official website of nearly 700 rubles. But at the moment the price of 260 cents with the sale.

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