Expressive eyes. Make eyelashes long and lush

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It’s hard to find a girl who would not like to have long and voluminous lashes. But nature gives are not for everyone.

If your eyelashes look inexpressive, and completely invisible without mascara, the easiest way to make the look expressive seems to be increasing. But it’s a pretty expensive procedure, conduct which should be about every five weeks. The result for the year gain quite a decent amount. In addition, poor quality extensions can damage your lashes.

To natural lashes look good, they need daily care. First of all, look at their menu. The diet should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Especially for eyelashes are important vitamins A, E, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins.

Do not forget to remove makeup. Even the most expensive ink, which includes a bunch of useful substances should not remain on the eyelashes around the clock. It is best to use qualitative means to remove makeup, but also suitable oils. For example, the ink can be washed almond or olive oil. Just apply it onto a cotton pad and hold it on the closed eyelid several times, trying to keep the oil in any case do not hit in the eye.

Before bedtime, apply on the lashes nourishing oil. Now a very large selection of ready-made mixtures of oils in a convenient package – you can choose any of them. The teams may be different oils in various proportions: castor, burdock, cedar, almond, coconut. As a rule, in one facility there are two or three types of oil. You can cook yourself or use any of these oils individually.

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As a rule, when using the oil after a month your lashes will become more expressive. But, if you have long eyelashes or they have been damaged for other reasons, will have to wait a little longer.

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