Extend the summer for 850 rubles? Easy – along with a bright collection of Psychotropical from “L’etoile Selection”

“.” He forced me to spend money. Whether I am satisfied – see under the cut.

Hello! A few weeks I was looking at the“.” colorful posts about collection Psychotropical from “L’etoile Selection” and suffered: I recently bought an expensive laptop, and money for luxuries is not expected. But at the next macro sparkling soul of the poet did not survive, and family income had little to pedestrianise.

Generally Psychotropical is a style long popular in any parties and design. Has a typical tropical floral motifs, but in the inverse, the “acid” neon colors. By the way, the picture woman from the Yanomami tribe that lives on the border of Venezuela and Brazil – really in the heart of the sad tropics. I love Amazon, I love everything tropical, dream to turn the apartment into an Urban Jungle, and the background of the photos you all would notice.

I had my purchase in two shops: turned that shade 202 “Exotic camo” is now rare, and to catch it everywhere. From the whole range I picked it red 203 “Reflection of nature”, duochrome ink and varnish-clone Chanel Bel Argus from the summer collection 2013. Have you noticed that all three of varnish Psychotropical clone of the popular “Chanel”? I don’t mind but, of course, is too literal a copy, given the shape of the bottle. To take the other two did not, because the originals I have, and clones already in the collection abound.

Powder I liked, but I just for the day, grabbed another, and two powder I hardly need. Eyeliner markers did not like – translucent and can be easily erased, and why do I have unstable connections? Although the colors are beautiful. Oil-the formula for lips – some kind of misunderstanding, lie cereal. They can be nice to grind, but the colors and design of the bottles is not good enough to bother. Well duochrome blue shadows I don’t go terribly corny.

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So, on the agenda of the four products. Start?

The sun

Odnushki: green “L’etoile Selection” 202 “Exotic camouflage” Exotic camo and red “L’etoile Selection” 203 “Reflection of nature” Mirroring of nature

Beautiful design, sturdy plastic box with a mirror! I think it’s rare. Open is a bit tricky, I had to pry with tweezers in the nails at a young age.

The sun

Red – warm duochrome, departing from the brick in the picture, green – glitter-duochrome on a transparent warm brown base. Red bomb, the green is more neutral, but to me both seem to be suitable for both everyday makeup and art.

Electric light


The shadow ofthe Sun and slightly defocusthe Defocus in the electric light

The lower half switch made to the base, as you can see – nothing has changed. The pigmentation for the shadows for that kind of money is just outrageous. To say that the quality surprised me – it’s nothing to say. The resistance best: I have oily eyelids, and on them devolve all on any bases, any Urban Decay just ignores me and slips like shadows over fifty dollars. On the my girlfriends are all kept at the same as nailed. So: red do not roll for a whole day! Summer! While the first case in my career.

Mascara “L’etoile Selection” 401 “Neurostimulation” Neuro stimulation

Well, the name! But more, I have no complaints: great limiter, just beyond the color-duochrome with sparks, wow. I have ink all colors of the rainbow (if you want a separate post on them – write in the comments!), but this is really the best. Brush with plain, but nice separated lashes and evenly distribute the mascara. By the way, I usually wear colored mascara as toppers on one of age, but this falls so cool that her going to wear solo and show you.

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A”.” wrote that it is good to use as shadows. I don’t know: in the third photo, the color feather, and it falls all the same spots. Swatch:

The SunShadeHas Restorefile

I’ll be honest: this is my first post about makeup, which is applied to the face, my face is far from ideal, but I’ll try to use it all for therapeutic purposes and not to be shy. Make-up artist I am also far from ideal, so do not judge strictly. I hope that over time pictures will be getting better, and I’ll turn into advanced selfie master.

I also have overhanging eyelid, so to show the shadows in the makeup was not easy. But I tried! Red I combined with mascara – get a makeover in the color of earrings:

Green made easy the everyday makeup.

Close-up on the phone:

Mascara and red shadowMascaraGreen in the sun and in the shade ofGreen in rasfokus

It is seen that the base green shadow quite clear.

The varnish “L’etoile Selection” 134 Mysterious

The color is stunning, as always in these Bahromov: nail Polish seems to glow from within. Not without surprises, without drying (often go without it with duochrome and metallic) and two coats brother was salutary! And after three hours air drying wrinkled over night. But with the top was drying it was perfect, and the effect of duochrome she didn’t. Take a look:

Cap with glitter, glitters in the sunRemoved

The brush is thick, and cropped a little crooked. But a lacquer is fine.

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The shadow ofthe SunWhat a design!

Summary: I am very happy with my choice, every product is good. It is just cosmetic decoration. But at the same Psychotropical is not a very good product that I just bought.


Shade 269

Mascara 214

Lac 119

Total: 871 ruble for everything.

Rating: 5+

I’m Lena, to me.

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