Eye shadow for brows Nars Brow Defining Cream Danakil

Say “No!” the red-haired shade.

Eye shadow for brows NARS Brow Defining Cream Danakil

To call this type of product can be anything you like: lipstick eyebrow or cream shadows. The essence remains the same. But I’m more accustomed to use the first option.

For a long time I used a certain lipstick for eyebrows L’oreal Paris Paradise Pomade Extatic (post). I got used to it, it suits me in all respects, and at some point I couldn’t imagine making eyebrows without her. Six months later, she was dry and it was time to change: either the same or the other.

I noticed 4 brand: L’oreal, Artdeco, Illamasqua and NARS.

L’oreal stand looked empty, Artdeco lipstick was really red or too light, and consultants Illamasqua decided to put cream testers without caps, thus forcing them forever to harden.

Last option is NARS.

From 4 presented shades I was interested in the dark — Danakil.

Of course, electric light is a bit distorted the true color of the lipstick, making it greenish. The consultant then explained to me that the green pigment is added specially in order to neutralize the red. Natural light, lipstick acquired a cold dark brown color.

The lipstick is in a glass washer that twists the rubber cover. I don’t like very much, because they collect all the dust particles and scratches.

For the application of this lipstick I use a pretty narrow brush. I used to draw eyebrows RT Brow Brush, but in the case of NARS this brush seemed uncomfortable.

Eyebrow shaping lipstick always takes me more time than, for example, a pencil. But 5 minutes is quite possible to draw a nice and neat eyebrows.


Compared with L’oreal Paris No. 106.

NARS Donakil darker and colder.

Carefully rubbed the Swatch with your finger. Durability all wonderful.

On the face holding up the whole day.

The idea of lipstick should not only paint the eyebrow, but to fix it. A similar effect I did not notice neither for the first nor for the second. In this issue I’m concerned about is the color and the durability of tools because to fix the hairs always, you can use the gel.

The lipstick is very pigmented and not to overdo it, I lightly touch the brush to the surface. Then gently draw the eyebrow. Even if you aren’t friends with similar products, the hardening of the creamy consistency will allow you to blend the pigment and to achieve a natural effect.

The usual eyebrow:


With lipstick and gel. Final version.

Another eyebrow.

Full image:

Price: about 1400 rubles a discount card

Rating: 5

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