Eyebrow pencil Cascade of Colours in shade 003

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Eyebrows are the frame of our makeup. In today’s world there are many different remedies for eyebrows: shade, fondants, creams, formula, and pencils for the eyebrows. How to look good eyebrow pencil?

Pencils cascade are some of my favorites. Love them with a tender love. This is the product when the quality far exceeds the price.
I present to you wax eyebrow pencil Cascade of Colours in shade 003.

This pencil is hard enough, so he copes with the drawing of the eyebrows.

Pencil wooden. Has good volume. A huge plus of this pencil is its economical consumption. Missing him for a long time. Appearance is no different from ordinary pencils for eyes or lips. There are no additional brushes for eyebrows. Maybe for some it will be a big minus. For me personally it’s a minus is not.
Pencil Cascade in comparison with the same pencil.

In addition, the pencil is very stable. No floats, no smears, doesn’t flow magically disappears. Brows stay put all day, what can after work also otpahat in the gym and then get home safe and sound.
This pencil in shade 003. It is a very versatile brown hue that will suit many girls. Well looks like a cool and a warm color type.

Pencil is not rigid, so cockroach eyebrows — it’s not about 003. And I love him for what eyebrow with it look very natural and realistic.
Eyebrows without makeup

Eyebrow pencil 003 Cascade of Colors.

Price: 390 RUB.
Rating: 5

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