Eyeliner-Nyx mousse: summed up your eyes

Name: Eyeliner-mousse eye contour Epic black mousse liner 01 (black/black), NYX
I really liked the way the eyeliner is Packed in a box, like the box. Like a trifle, but nice:
The part that mimic stone (or whatever the bottom and inside the box are shown) and with a picture of the washers with a glossy finish, while the upper part of the matte box:
Pleased with the presence of the protective film:
However the film opened, and there:
Photographed with a flash, as on the day of opening the jar the sun was not quite the word, but I wanted to capture the liner intact.
It confuses me a crack (no, reminise!), as the dried product, and the inclusion of unclear etiology. Crack this, by the way, began to increase with each application. anticipating questions I must say that I turn the jar during operation every time you pull up the eyeliner with a brush.
The manufacturer promised the incredible softness of the product. Don’t know how much there with the softness (it’s not a pencil, without intermediaries forever to apply), but when you first use the brush clogged with eyeliner so that I could not draw the second tail. I first encountered this problem when using the eyeliner in the jar, but unfortunately, not the last. For some reason she grasped at the brush before you have time to draw an arrow in two eyes. Though take for each arrow in the brush and paint them, but who will exist two absolutely the same brush?
In fact, the result:
See the black dots under the eye? It’s not crumbling mascara, no mascara here at all, this eyeliner crumbled in the process of applying!
The arrow on the left eye near the tail came with the failure due to the fact that the place I was painting in the last turn:

The first day of use. See how the eyeliner “crawled” to the mucous in the inner corner of the eye? That day was the heat under 30 degrees and I was in search of a good primer (and found), but such behavior can be expected from the pencil, but not from the liner after 4 hours after makeup. She is also imprinted on the eyelid.
And here is the result with a good primer, three hours after application, the temperature is 16 degrees, in short, everything was in favor of the eyeliner:
The light and the quality is not so hot, took pictures on the front camera of the phone, but with the hoses all clear. To the mucous in the corner of the eye eyeliner again crawled away. Well, at least on the century imprint left, but it is rather the merit of the primer.

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I decided to go to the end and make a Swatch:
Eyeliner applied with a finger from right to left (or top to bottom in first photo). If you climb into the jar with a finger, the touch is really soft, not dry like (I thought about improper storage), and if you don’t care about precision coating, dispensing instantly and thick, here’s a good, fit, rich color. But who draws the arrows in one motion? I envy you
In General, a very strange thing. Apparently, this eye liner need to be fast like a superhero. No, thank you.

I respect the brand NYX at least for the fact that they don’t need to fork out for a MAC and Lime Crime, if you want to get hold of blue or green lipstick, but lately the quality of the products I was not happy. And immediately after the purchase and zatista hero post, I learned about another blogger, who passionately extols the brand, why I was angry at the thought of how much the millions invested in advertising. Maybe part of the amount was worth spending, after working on the formula of the product?
But while writing the post with clear conscience I went and bought eyeliner from MAC, which, incidentally, boasts incredible softness (and not only).

Price: 700 rubles
Rating: 2. The notorious eyeliner from Maybelline is better and cheaper, and it is still and brush give.

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