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Base I started to buy to tame the harmful Dior palette 5 Couleurs High Fidelity Colours & Effects Eyeshadow Palette #157 Magnify. It’s not the entire Arsenal in the end, I bought at least a dozen.

I must say that these shadows on my eyes are unable to keep any one base. I loved gamma, I tried to tame them by all means, but no.

My eyelids oily looming. Really looming: not when from wide hands to overhang a bunch of places, and when the eyelid is (almost) on the eyelashes.

Without a base on my eyelids eye shadow stay an hour or two. A pleasant exception from the shadows I have found so far only two. That is, the database I use always. From the base I need durability. 6-8 hours for me is not an option, I need 11 hours at least and good for daily use 13-15.

None of these bases didn’t dry my skin age, but really didn’t do it at all no base.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer.

The bottle is transparent, the base color is pink-beige.

The composition was in the form of hieroglyphic writing did not keep the box.

The sponge similar to the sponge lip gloss, short, hairy and soft. Sponges in the databases I always use just to maznut base on the eyelids, always distribute with fingertips.

The skin looks more pink than in the bottle.

Slightly brightens. It is not the fall of light is, and clarifying the ability of the base.

— enhances the brightness of shadows;
— easy to apply and spread;
— not sticky; — slightly smoothes and brightens the eyelid, looks beautiful on the skin;
— do not conflict with any care, and with the shadows;
to use it comfortably and pleasantly.
— lack of firmness: 6-7 hours. For me not an option.

I specifically chose to showcase the two colors of shadows. Light have lack of pigmentation on the bare skin, it changes the saturation and intensity of color.

The second color is a dark brown with a reddish/bronze shimmer. Pigmentation are much higher, but shimmer not pull any base. Lens not all the catches, so I will add a verbal description.

All Swatch in daylight, but the light changed, plus I was shuttled between Windows and a balcony so that the color temperature can be different, but I’m not the shadow show.

The left always shade applied without a base, right at the base. Applied elastic synthetic brush.

About such intensity eye shadow application without a database in three movements.

Now with the base.

Shimmer with this database visible.

I like this base is not suitable for durability, but other questions — no complaints.

Price: about 600 rubles.

LIMONI Eye Shadow Base.

In General, this inscription was printed in silver paint on the bottle, but faded instantly, making it nonam.

The bottle was sealed in mica, has a sticker with the squad, but so small that it doesn’t recognize any macro lens.

Recently extended, soft.

The base itself is Nude. A little toned eyelid, not brightens. Has a slightly yellowish tint, but the color does not change.

A very good base for durability. Not all the shadows will survive for 13 hours, but 10 hours is almost always enough. Very sticky. Color boost and saturation is due to the fact that the shadows clung tightly to her stick.

Shimmer in the shadows emphasizes.

— good durability, a solid 4 or even 4+;
— increased the brightness and saturation of the shadows;
— minor visual alignment of the eyelid skin;
— does not conflict with the care or some shadows.Cons:
— very sticky, difficult to blend shadows;
— can be rolled into the crease to apply shadow after applying base to my hanging I’m trying not to blink;
— a huge expense.

I used the base a month and a half pretty regularly, but not daily, used to other databases, during this time, the bottle is almost gone. For two centuries I now need a few times to get the sponge into the vial, and the amount applied to the skin base looks very convincing. I admit that if you pull the limiter, there will be many more product (although the sponge comes loose, there is a gap), let’s say, even another month and a half, but still comes out profitable. For example, Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer is 1672 of the ruble on the loyalty card and it lasts for 24 months. Assuming that a tube of Limoni will last for three months (de facto I don’t think so), at the same time they need 8, that will cost 2400.

With the small price and decent durability I’m not sure I will buy it also, especially, do not consider the database as one.

Price: 300 rubles.

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Primer Photofocus.

Soft tube with a volume of 10 ml. Manufacturer proposes to use this amount for 6 months after opening.

Tube in a box, can be easy to see.

Dosing narrow spout — convenient.

The base is soft, the color is something like a very raspalennoe peach, falls almost transparent layer, very economical. Somewhere in the inscriptions I met about the matting, and, indeed, it appears matte on the skin.

— very good durability. In addition to Dior, she can do this. Not tested in extreme conditions, but her shadows are not pushed in the normal mode;
— absorbs quickly and is not slipping;
— economical;
— budget;
— convenient dispenser;
— my eyelids are not dry;
— not sticky;
— does not lose its properties after 6 months.Cons:
— does not increase the brightness and saturation of the shadows. For saturation should be applied on the uncured base, this is, well… 30-40 seconds;
— tightens the skin of the eyelids. It is noticeable visually underline the texture of the century, especially matte shadows. Physical discomfort I do not feel;
— due to the tightening of the skin it is quite impossible to put on lower eyelid — I immediately got wrinkles three hundred year old woman, upper not so much;
the subjective minus: base Matt, after setting the brush with the shadows unpleasant rustling in the century. But it can survive.

Despite the fact that the base does not dry me, I’m not sure that it will not dry and pull even more normal and dry eyes. Also I’m not sure this product will suit age ages because the skin under the eyes base I just collected in an accordion. Add the lack of amplification of the intensity of the color and it turns out that it is valuable only resistance, which is really good and important for people with oily skin age. But all the polls I not recommend can.

About the color of shadows. Left Swatch without a base, the upper right with the moist base (brightness, shadows, color intensity, shimmer — everything is there), at the bottom — just 40 seconds after application. It does not try layering the shadows over there, the result is still significantly worse. And wet is not particularly clear: hardens quickly, horrible shading, stickiness.

Shimmer on the wet layer.

Price: 270 rubles.

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

Applied with a sponge, gaining it a little, just enough for both eyes.

White base, transparent skin.

— very economical. I use it not so long ago, but Limoni would have ended, and this not think. When the drop on the eyelids, I think she won’t end;
— enhances the brightness and saturation of the shadows;
— does not roll when applied;
— not too sticky;
— the average resistance of the shadows for 11 hours, she gives me;
— helped to tame some harmful shade type odnushek UD. Smashbox then walked for sure.Cons:
— not a very simple shading on her; — not all the shadows working fine: the terrible roll all Nematova shadows Tammy Tanuki (9-10 hours it is not enough), rolled up himernye shadows Wiseart, and so that good durability — good if for 8 hours was enough.

Otherwise, until faced with conflict, the tendency for the base not all will keep.

In the previous photo silly light fell, I did not notice in time, there seems to shimmer in the dark shadows almost there. In fact, the base of it not jamming, a little highlights. But, for example, Limoni wet and Wet-n-Wild it appears brighter.

I’m even willing to assume that the shadow Viseart I paid too much, so they roll up, although I didn’t think such a thing is possible for 8-9 hours, but with shadows Tammi base behaves abominably. Resistance to them is not even enough hours for 8, all slipping badly by this time.

Price: 2100 no discounts.

Under the palette, I’m not going to look for a base, I just found a good palette in the same range, but still in search of the perfect base. Preferably in the budget segment, because the selection base comes at a price even with the low price for me to risk a few thousand apiece, which may not work on me, I’m not always ready.

If someone decides to share their favorite, I’ve tried many popular databases: Essence Atkins, Artdeko, Vivienne Sabo, urban DK, Smashbox, Lamel, nicks, Bey, Ghosh and Duralin as a base.

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