Eyeshadow `Essence` melted chrome shade #2 ironic

Eye shadow

Good day, dear reader!
Rumor has it how the New year meet, so spend it… well, I don’t mind Shine, the whole in 2019 with this tanushi baby.

Packing: made of good thick plastic, with a good closing mechanism. Overall looks good, the labels are not erased.

Texture and color: it Has velvet, soft, moussavou texture.Accordingly, do not raise dust. Color true metallic gold with a huge number of shining particles.According to the description there is the effect of “liquid chrome”.Personally, I really like this trend wet Shine in makeup and use it with including it.

Application: when handling product on your finger was just about to get upset,thinking that here it is the trick that the shadows are poorly tolerated on the eyelid… BUT! The next time I tried to apply them with a brush and lo and behold. They pornosu tolerated on the eyelid, white brush were white, and all product remains on the eyelid.Is this not amazing?)Is not formed, stains and spaces with sequins, and softly and evenly stretched and become flustered.


Durability: And here they are insanely pleasant surprise. Went to 9th hour wear, no base, having experienced heavy snowfall in Moscow over the past 60 years, and they even have that! Do not roll, not faded, not sailed in an unknown direction, not going in the folds, not crumbled.


To summarize, you should give credit to the manufacturer.Now, Essence is pleased, both with the quality and range of products.These shadows are suitable for evening makeup, deepening the color and naslov shade, and fluorescent light, with a subtle sheen. The product is well behaved in makeup, but even if something somewhere will crawl or overdo it with the intensity of application, with the help of your finger you can always quickly corrected.Does not cause discomfort during the day, this small, air-weightless, but does not lose the beautiful overflow.Cons in over time was observed, which is wonderful for massmarket.

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Rating: 5/5
Price: 290 RUB
Term of use: 1 month.

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