Eyeshadow from the advent calendar Nyx Sugar Trip 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

Eye shadow

I hasten to tell until the calendar is sold.

So, shadow is only 6 pieces. For my taste it would be and more, but that is)

Cardboard boxes with magnetic lids. The cardboard is quite thick, so if it will overwrite, that is not right.

Three shades of matte, two shimmery in the classic sense and one with a small mica — a cross between shimmery and mica.

NYX Sweet Chateau Eye Shadow Candy Stash

Wonderful obedient shimmery shade of pink. Shimmer small-small silvery hue. Classic shade with great pigmentation for these shades.

NYX Eye Shadow Licorice Lane Twisted

Gray also shimmery and behavior similar to pink, maybe a little more pigmented and “saluci” to the skin. Even smaller shimmer and glow holistic — individual shimmering not make out, due to him, he is not so much grey, how much steel.

Licorice Lane NYX Eye Shadow In Deep Trouble

Despite the not too optimistic name, this matte purple is a gift. Rich, deep and vysokomehanizirovannyh, it is beautiful in its make-up, especially if you pick the right neighbors (I don’t understand the color, but those who have svetochuvstvitelen and a sense of proportion/combination is best is not difficult). Purple is not clean, it is a large percentage of brown, but blue notes is almost there. Good evening makeup, but you can in a day, if not at full strength and not layering.

NYX Eye Shadow Sweet Chateau Cookie Cutter

Basic beige matte shade. Well pigmented, finely ground. This color may seem trivial, but it is needed always and everywhere is to cause as database, dim the brightness, someone shaded borders — in General, the application is always there. Necessary and useful, high-quality beige.

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Wonderland NYX Whipped Eye Shadow Whipped Mocha

Matte brownish shade. Fine grind, very soft. I think something like this in my eyeshadow palette NYX. Like previous pliable, easy to work with shade. I used to be wary of, but with the Knicks loved.

NYX Whipped Wonderland Eye Shadow Sweet Tooth

This shade too, at first it scared me, and then he was soft and manageable. A little mica, or is that just shimmer in this is larger Buffy-raspalennoe database. Color layering and stretch as other. For Simeonovo it very clear plastic (they usually come across prickly and dry to me personally), it is possible to feather in zero — will remain color and Simmern-mica part. For socks for every day he’s a bit pretentious, but the evening is very good.

With make-up I have is not too good, but tried to portray something. Purely for illustration.



Buffy brownish+ Sudano-shimmery Buffy

The shadows are perfectly worn on the base until the evening — the 18-19 hours that makeup on me. Without the base, as well as any shadows — not long, but a little longer than others. Shadows are not dust and do not crumble. Exception — Simmern-mica, they shimmer can leave the upper eyelid. The shadows are comfortable, do not cause irritation, there is no feeling of sand in eyes and gravity eyelids. Excellent flow and shade — suitable even for beginners.

Very glad to acquaintance to the shadows. Unlike the lipsticks, these products I was pleased with all of them.

Still have three blush and highlighter, but I probably won’t tell. To be photographed they don’t want.

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Volume: 2 gr. each refil.

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