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Today on the agenda of the cult, a famous and very beautiful palette.

The palette is sold in a box with all the necessary information. The shadows produced in Italy. Weight is 6 grams.

There are also traditional accessories – shell case and a couple of sponges.

The room palette is on the back of the palette. Cover flips up by 180 degrees, the inside has a nice mirror, I prefer to use it.

Here are the shades.

All shadows from the palette have a silky texture, somewhere between a satin and metallic. This finish is considered the brand unique. He is represented also in the Nude Dip palette.

Colors palettes frankly warm. For blue eyes is a godsend, but I’m sure will fit many people. Goes well with a tan, so, for me, is a range the end of summer – beginning of autumn.

First, the lightest shade in the palette – soft gold with a slight bronze tint. I like to use it as a highlighter in the inner corner or on the entire mobile eyelid, under the arrow.

The second hue clockwise – bronze. Rich, pigmented. 2 seconds it is possible to create a summer Smoky Eyes shining.

The third shade is the darkest black and aubergine. Its texture is the satin out of the entire palette. I prefer them to darken the outer corner of the eye, draw the lower eyelid and the ciliary margin.

The fourth shade is a bronze-Burgundy. Perhaps the star of the palette. Very beautiful and self-sufficient.

As for the quality of the shadows, I am always puzzled when I read that it is bad. It is clear that we are all different, but from the height of his multi-year cinemaniacs I can safely say that these shadows are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Talking specifically about this palette, because there are a few others that did not impress me.

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The shadows applied without a base, in a single layer.

The shadow is perfectly applied with any tools. Whether it be a brush, a sponge from the palette or your finger. The resistance on the base to make-up remover, hold even in the heat. Shade yourself, do not need to exert any effort. All the shades from the palette are very harmonious blend together, it is not necessary to resort to other instances to create a smooth transition. You can apply shadows both dry and wet, to vary their brightness and saturation.

Shedding I noticed only the dark shade, but they are easily smachivaetsya with a brush, do not eat in the tone.

For centuries, the shadows look rich and expensive. This is the rare case when you see that, at times, elusive difference.

Show the palette in the case.

Makeover No. 1.

Used all the shades from the palette.

Makeover No. 2. The same bronze Smoky, which I love to wear in summer.

Used the top two shades of the palette.

Makeup No. 3. (The lighting is more cold, but you get the gist).

Used two bottom shade in the palette.

Summing up, I want to say that if you want to get acquainted with the shadows of Ford and you like this color scheme, palette Honeymoon is worth it to pay attention to it. It costs 85$, but you can find cheaper. If you are looking for something more modest, then you’ll love Nude Dip. Prepare the review of another Seductive Rose, but there is another (equally lovely) story with textures. But the Orchid Haze palette and Silvered Topaz I was a little disappointed with its simplicity.

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Please share how you shade Tom Ford?

Thank you for your attention!


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