Eyeshadow VOV Eyeshadow Small

Eye shadow

Volume: 2.5 g
Classification: professional
TM country: Korea
Made in: Korea

The eyeshadow palette is very rich, there are shades for every taste, but I had to choose between the brown tones with different finishes. Before anything the brand did not take. Over all liked the room 0245Е Dolls Brown, and booked it.
The packaging is completely plastic, the lid is unscrewed. Nothing special in the design that looks really similar to Prof.

In refile shadow shimmer silver – violet – brown – gold flecks and it’s so hard to tell what shade it actually is. It seems that it is neutral or tupoy, but warm. Then you will see for yourself.
The grind is quite large, the shadow is silky, a bit loose, but not dust. Feels like a chubby. Well be typed on the brush.

The finish is a clear satin.
The shade is light and easy. Of those that are not binding – have been and gone)
I put the shadow on the liquid concealer, as the eyelids are oily and most of the shadows slipping in a strip in the crease (eyelid hanging). As an experiment a couple of times without such a base shadow rolled in the strip after three hours after application, while the remaining part did not fade.

A big plus for the shadows – they easily get flustered and don’t require you to fill in the skin with the help of beige shades.
They can be layered without the effect of crusts on the eyelids.
The skin tone looks slightly Golden brown.
Fit the arrow, but also quite self-sufficient. I like how they look by themselves. If desired, darken the outer corner with a darker shade – will be a very expressive, but I could not find in my collection of shadows with the same finish, so wear solo.
They are easy to achieve the effect of “no make”. On the basis of holding up to make-up removal without any changes.
Do not irritate my sensitive skin. Removed with no residue oil or mitsellyarnoi.
They are very easy to work with, from the use of only pleasure) I highly recommend. She sketched in a basket with a dozen of small washers)

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