Eyeshadows Sephora Colorful duo No. 02 All-in

Matte+light and interesting combination of colors — this eye shadow Sephora.

Today I want to show you my recent acquisition — eyeshadows Sephora Colorful duo No. 02 All-in. They combine a bright, shining shade and a darker matte. The idea is not new, but, in my opinion, good. In addition, in this particular case, an interesting pair of shades: beige-peach and purple.

Packaging shades are very durable, and I have a constant problem with her opening. I think soon to relocate could fit in a special palette produced under these shadows. It is assumed that they can be easily picked up from the packaging, this is even a small hole. The weight of shadows 2 gr.

Both colors are quite well pigmented. Beige softer, goes very easily, just a couple of taps evenly distributed along the eyelid. With purple need to Tinker, when used on the eyelid he tries to plitivice, but you can cope.

I like how easy it is to apply beige shade, but the purple my attitude is twofold. In addition, as it turned out, this color combination still looks better in the package than on the eyelids — the beauty of purple in tandem is lost, he looks dimly. Individually the shadows I liked a lot more, but in the pair I wear. Otherwise, their quality is good: does not crumble when applied, easily shaded, on the basis of you can not worry about durability. I do not regret buying, you have already chosen a few other options from the line))

Price — 300 p.

Rating — 5-.

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