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Every woman knows that the facial skin is very sensitive to changes in the body. In particular, it suffers from lack of vitamins.

In the spring many are faced with the deterioration of the skin. Sometimes even the best cosmetic products do not produce the desired result. You may want to include in the diet foods that contain the essential for the skin vitamins.

If the skin loses its tone, becomes dry, flaking, perhaps you lack of vitamins A and E. the fact that both of these fat-soluble vitamin, so the best way to get them from olive oil, fish oil and egg yolk, so they will be well assimilated. Remember that contains vitamin a is just – he is in all fruits and vegetables red, and orange. Vitamin E you find in seeds, nuts, avocado, fish, leafy vegetables.

When deficiency of b vitamins often appear zaedy on the corners of the mouth, lips while crack. The skin looks pale, and hair may fall out. To cope with the lack of these vitamins will help of eggs, legumes, and products made from flour, herbs, cheese and meat, especially liver.

Sagging dull skin may indicate lack of vitamin C can Also appear spider veins, dark spots and inflammation. The role of vitamin C in collagen synthesis is very high, and it also helps to strengthen blood vessels and natural defenses of the skin. To compensate for the lack of vitamin C will help you: leafy greens, citrus fruits, sauerkraut, rosehips, bell pepper.

Pigmentation disorders of the skin and the appearance of edema may indicate a deficiency of vitamin K. It helps the blood circulation and accelerates regeneration. Find vitamin K in spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, greens.

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