Facestudio Master Strobing Illuminating Highlighter Stick – a magic wand from Maybelline?

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Buy Facestudio Master Strobing Illuminating Highlighter Stick came out very spontaneous and totally unplanned. New year mood demanded glamor and glitter, purse — saving and low spending.

So I struck up acquaintance with the famous highlighter from Maybelline. (All photos in post are made in daylight)

The design of the highlighter is plain and nothing special, the view does not cling plastic stick with a sticker, which shows product name, transparent cap. Easily scratched and quickly lose presentable, but considering the cost, do not have any complaints. Highlighter is fixed quite firmly. During use stagger started, break promises than usual in this sin products. Not that I’m so lucky, not that Maybelline really did a good job.

Color. The highlighter is available in two shades — Golden champagne and pink pearls.

Gold seloc me early, because the choice fell on the first option.

The color was very chameleonism. The photo with switchme can see that changes hue depending on lighting: beautiful champagne glare in direct sunlight and leaves in a rich bronze shade.

The snow white a shade is clearly contraindicated, but the girls are dark-skinned and tanned I would recommend.

The texture of the cream highlighter. When applied it melts into the skin, but the shading definitely needs, otherwise it will be shamelessly porosity. Do this with your fingers, gently blurring the edges and having withdrawn the brightness of the product to zero.

Finish it wet, no overt shimmer or glitter. Fans of delicate glow should be like. Those who love the radiance from space, the product is hardly interested. To increase the intensity of layering it makes no sense. It turns a sort of layer cake, emphasizing all the imperfections of the skin.

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Durability the product is mediocre, but to be honest, I admit that my posture at work is to sit, propping his cheek on his palm. Here even the most persistent guys have to give up, where there is a creamy texture. So for dinner I usually do not watch and have to upgrade.

Summary: a Good budget highlighter every day. To the Pets will not come in resistance does not impress you, but beautiful wet patches on the cheeks happy.

Rating: 7/10

Price: 600R

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