Factory “FREEDOM” to produce antibacterial and antiseptic to combat coronavirus


Cosmetic factory “Freedom” mastered production of a new antiseptic lotion that can be used for hand hygiene in terms of coronavirus.

The lotion was developed by the staff of the research center of JSC “Freedom”, and its production has just recently started on the shop floor, specially equipped for these purposes.

“Realizing the seriousness of the situation with coronavirus, our factory changed the plans of production and switched to production of antiseptic and antibacterial agents: liquid and solid soap as well as lotions and gels”, – said General Director of JSC “Freedom” Evgeny Panteleev, and continues: “To release antiseptic lotion we have identified production capacity, allowing daily consumers to transfer more than 30 thousand bottles of this tool”.

In the lotion includes antiseptic components such as Quaternary ammonium compound that is widely used in medicine for sterilizing the hands of surgeons and instruments, and tea tree extract – a natural antiseptic wide spectrum of action.

The primary recipients of the new lotion became major distributors and retail chains in the Moscow region. With increasing production volumes of products will be to other regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

Also, the factory resumed production of antibacterial Soaps “Special” with triclosan. Triclosan not only kills bad bacteria, but also disinfects minor cuts and scratches. To date, the production of this type of soap off of all manufacturers, because in civilized conditions in triclosan that kills all microorganisms in a row, there is no particular need. The epidemic of coronavirus has renewed the need for such protective equipment. In March it was released half a million pieces of this soap.

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Also “Freedom” produces soap “For heavily soiled hands.” On the one hand, this soap is considered to be suitable for extreme conditions, with the inclusion of more powerful surfactants. But on the other hand, it is sparing to treat body friendly flora.

For disinfection and cleaning specialists of “Freedom” recommend the use of conventional economic 72% soap, which due to the higher content of alkali helps to remove heavy and resistant contamination.

As reported cosmetology-info.ru Director of public relations and media JSC “Freedom”, currently 60% of capacity for the production of toothpastes and shampoos, where it is also brewed antiseptic lotions and gels dedicated to the manufacture of antiseptics, 50% of the capacity for the production of soap dedicated to the production of antibacterial and soap.

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