Familiarity with LA Splash

About how it all came together — under the cut))

LA Splash — the California-based brand, famous, mainly, the release of resistant decorative means. Bestsellers brand mineral powder longlasting lipstick eyebrow, glitter, lipgloss. The range is wide, the same extensive color palette for each product.

I was very interested to try hits of the brand — waterproof liquid eyeliner and matte lipstick.

  • LA Splash Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner Wings UD Mousse — eyeliner black (13201 sinner)

  • Very original packaging — the tin is in the form of a black sphere.

    Inside there is a thin plastic cap to prevent drying of the product. The texture is really Moscova, air, deep black color.

    At first it seems that the mousse is more difficult to work than the usual gel eyeliner. However, it turned out that the thing in the well-matched brush. It turned out that my favorite angled brushes are not compatible with the mousse, but specimens with a thin short NAP.

    For example, you can take this from Real Techniques:

    The mousse is easy to type, but again, due to its texture is often necessary to remove the excess from the brush, it’s just sometimes you do not want to waste time, and hand in the usual way reaches to the normal gel eyeliner. So faster))

    When applying a line of eyeliner is even, the pigment is not plesivec, but sets very fast the doctored blemishes have literally three seconds.

    One of the advantages can also mark a rich black color, matte finish and amazing durability! It is not blurred day, not printed on the eyelids (even on my hanging), color remains the same bright.

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    Removed only by a two-phase medium, micellar water does not take it))

    (A common way at the end of the post)

    Rating: 4 a mousse texture, 5+ resistance))

    2.LA Splash Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Karina Collection — liquid lipstick (Flirt 4991)

    Karina Collection — a new line of matte lipsticks that promises us the comfort to wear along with unprecedented durability.

    The lipsticks of this range is a beautiful elegant box which looks original and stylish.

    The applicator is a small, rounded concave shape, the fuzzy measure, applied neatly and accurately. I note also a good limiter that doesn’t allow the applicator to gain too much product.

    Aroma — light cosmetic, it is hard for me with something associate, but glad that he’s not suffocating sweet.

    My shade –Flirt, nodoby, and fairly neutral. Looks different, of course, in the sun and in the shade, but still never goes cold or warm.

    A nice beige-peach shade.

    The texture of the lipstick — the classic “saltivska”. When applying this mousse, which is very easily distributed on the lips; after complete curing of the finish is absolutely matte and the surface is stationary.

    Objectively lipstick, like most of the ultra resistant texture, really brings out the relief and dry/imperfect condition lips, even pre wetting them to the hair.

    Bright and matte shades, in my opinion, exacerbate the appearance of the lips, so I always prefer dark/bright matte lipstick than light (frankly, I am tired from matte textures, and, increasingly, the hand stretches to moisturizing and satin-gloss formulas).

    From afar, in a General way the lipstick looks good, close up it looks like this:

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    the harsh truth as it is))

    However, poor durability of the lipstick is not blame))

    This is truly a concrete coating, which can be removed only with oil/good dvukhfaznoi, and then only with difficulty. Calmly going through tea, coffee, snack, even moderately fat.

    No, by the way, the sensation of putty on the lips, I wore it for about 6 hours, and never have any desire to take it off.

    But after make up removal, I still feel the dryness of the lips, so recommend not to wear a matte texture, especially such persistent daily.

    Overall image:

    Rating: 4.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    If you are familiar with the brand, do you have favorites?))

    Be beautiful! Natalia.

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