Fans and just fans of The Ordinary: to relax the bread!

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Yes, that’s right. Brandon Truaxe no longer runs the company! The news was recent, just saw — immediately brought! Even at an alternate site and still no hearing anything more under the cut.

Where to start… so not too long and boring came out… Many people have seen what the slag was going on in social networks Deciem lately (especially on instagram). The owner of the company Brendan postil personal correspondence, it told the world about the serious illness of his friend (without receiving permission to publish from this familiar, thereby squandered her secret), then unjustly fired employees, and in recent times, and even announced the closure of the company. All fans of the brand The Ordinary strained bread: to this point, some began to suspect the Brandon mental disorders urgently require treatment, but what if everything said is still true? And decided to purchase products for the future, because no one wants to be without the loved one’s care. But online orders are not sent and not processed. Moreover, even the physical locations of the brand was closed.

And what to do with all this, who will? But who. We all remember (well, who does not remember or does not know — anything terrible, there will be another news ) that Estee Lauder Companies owns a third of the shares of the company Deciem (to be precise — 28%). So, they, too, were unhappy with the closing of The Ordinary, and yesterday they filed a petition to remove Brandon as head of the company and of the Board of Directors, so his behavior was beyond outrageous. Moreover, in the documents of Estee Lauder says that Brandon was already in a psychiatric hospital a couple of times: may 9, he was taken for a couple of days in hospital in London and later he spent another 3 days in a canadian institution. Iiii… *drumroll*… this morning the Ontario court granted their petition! Brandon is temporarily removed from management, he was not allowed to post on social networks, to communicate with employees of the company and to make any changes in Deciem. Instead, the company will manage Nicola as Kilner that Brandon was fired for anything in February of this year (in July it was returned back to the company). The court also ruled that PricewaterhouseCoopers will conduct audit of Deciem and will check the statement of Brandon that the company held financial fraud.

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Well, so that all fans of The Ordinary to relax the bread! Nicola promises to return the company to normal operation on Saturday, that is tomorrow. Meanwhile, I hope Brendan will improve their mental health and return to normal life.

Good night and pleasant dreams!

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