Fantastic (or not?) four from The Ordinary

Mark The Ordinary has steadily gained credibility and acceptance among most bloggers and beauty lovers. Not spared craze new-fangled products from the category “own chemist-cosmetologist” and me. On his experiments with the four means of stamps, I tell you today)

The philosophy and concept of the brand I liked – effective cosmetic ingredients in pure form, without unnecessary additives and an opportunity to build its system of care based on the needs of the skin is not happiness? With burning eyes I studied the lineups and reviews, analyze your skin condition and the result stood at four popular tools.

Ordering from the official website arrived quickly, no problems with the design and delivery was not.

Design stylish, laconic and minimalistic. White matte cardboard boxes, glass bottles with pipettes – all this creates a clear Association with pharmacy products.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+Zinc 1%

This means I had placed the highest hopes for.


Transparent liquid serum without odor.

The manufacturer promises the control of inflammation, improvement of skin texture and overall condition.

Easy to apply, well-distributed, almost feels sticky. If you overdo it with the number rolled.

Adhering to the recommendations for use listed on the site, I faithfully used Niacinamide 2 times a day on clean skin prior to subsequent care. The first few days the effect was really wow – skin is noticeably tightened immediately after application, but to fight the imperfections need more time, and I diligently used. By the way, it was in the heat of summer… in about 2-3 weeks I notice is the improved texture clogged pores, white and blackheads that attacked me with a vengeance. Through trial and error I found the culprit and removed the Item from the everyday routine. But I haunted the jar well all fit, but I do not, how so? and through time I kept looking to him. Much better than he showed himself after peeling cosmetologist (about a week), well prolonging the effect of the procedure and in the cold season. Now I “finish” Niacinamide, use 1 times a day, in the evening and the effect I like redness it really cleans, it promotes rapid healing of pimples and smooths out pores. The experience is still ambiguous and the second time I did not buy it – too many but. In the summer it’s heavy, high-quality cleansing and peelings clog pores, like pushes all inside.

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Price: 5,90 EUR

Testing period: approximately 5 months with breaks

Evaluation: objectively 4

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The hyaluronic acid.


Stabbing hialuronico I’m afraid, but here to indulge in this harmless way – why not?

Unclear, gel-like texture, slightly stretches, has no smell.

With the application is prilovchitsya – the first time it is difficult to calculate the amount and learn how to allocate it. Absorbs very quickly, feels sticky, is used not economical.

I use it most often in the morning under the day cream as needed – sometimes in the evening. Serum moisturizes and smoothes the skin, gives a light radiance and the effect of the sleek leather. Makeup then goes and wears in better times. Also works well as a moisturizer for the lips and area around eyes – apply as needed, not constantly.

The price is 6.80 Euro

Testing period: approximately 5 months with breaks

Rating: 5

The Ordinary Buffet

Serum with peptides


This product has the most complex and ambitious composition, which is literally Packed with all sorts of Goodies.

Texture – fluid, translucent serum without odor.

Very easy to apply (like water) and absorbs quickly. Feel – the most comfortable of all four.

I apply it morning and evening before the cream or oil. I really like the effect – it pulls almost immediately, a person acquires a fresh and rested appearance, with the time noted that the pores become less visible, the General topography is smooth and uniform. I can confidently say that this is the most effective tool of all four, will definitely get another bottle.

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Price: 14,80 EUR

Testing period: 4 months

Rating: 5+++, very cool product

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane



But it was for me a complete misunderstanding. By itself, squalane is a very cool and expensive stuff for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Having read the opinions and proceedings that in Ukraine it’s not available in pure form, and that most stores are selling cheaper and not such a quality squalene (similar component, but synthetic, such as standard oil and mineral), I without hesitation added the coveted dark bottle in the cart.

The texture is very liquid, fatty, oily.

There is, perhaps, the most bold of all that I’ve tried… Oil from Tarte and Josie Maran is just child’s play compared to this fish oil. Flavor is not.

The manufacturer recommends that you apply Squalane as the final withdrawal to close the previous components. Seriously?.. He just phagedenic any means caused to him and smeared oily spots on the face. All serum just flakes off and rolling under the fingers. Oh, and it is not absorbed at all. At all. No way.

You are probably thinking that I don’t know how to deal with an oily texture? Ha! Honestly, you could write a post on “100, and one way to tame Squalane”. I tried with it and with the oil (on damp skin), immediately after the serum, after 5-10-15 minutes just to clean the skin… the Effect is every time the same, and even in the bitter cold and frost leather refuses to accept this substance. Oh, and on the lips it is too disgusting lies, and not give any result.

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Finally abandoning all attempts to negotiate with this substance, I gave it to my mom(50+, age skin, prone to fat), so it somehow magically everything works! Absorbs quickly, does not give a greasy film, replaces the day/night cream, even and glowing healthy skin… How is that possible — I don’t know, but a fact.

Price: 7,20 EUR

Term test: about a month

Rating: on my skin 2, mom — 5+

That was my introduction to the brand, 50 by 50 – two good product four. There are plans to try caffeine serum under the eyes, a light acid peel and maybe something else. Good reviews on oil but after Squalane I’m afraid to risk it, better to get checked.

Have You tried The Ordinary? Pets have hit the mark?

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