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Have you ever been in the heated sun of the desert? When the dry wind stings the skin and the bitterness of wormwood breath? All of this can be remotely compared with the first sensations of Idole d armani by Giorgio Armani eau de pafrum.

Aroma belongs to the group of fruity, Oriental, gourmet

The claimed pyramid:

Top notes: Clementine, Pear, Ginger, Honey, Almond, Bitter orange and Artemisia;

Middle notes: Saffron, Jasmine and rose;

Base notes: Vetiver, Styrax and Patchouli.

Looking at the pyramid, you would think that in a bottle we’re in for something sweet, cozy and delicately honey, but Idole is not so. He doesn’t want to “make you happy”, he needs at least to take over the world. The best way to understand this flavor is to release it at will, to allow them to play with the wind, to be bright and consistent.

Perhaps, it is the place lit with candles and lanterns roof of a small house on the Italian coast, a warm autumn evening, in a long silk dress and with a cool glass of Prosecco to cool down a bit exorbitant degree of sensuality.

Really it sounds to me after half an hour after applying, then it fade into the background too bright top notes (there is a little himonya of fruit, apparently imitating a pear) and remain smoky spices, ginger and a little citrus. Shimmering floral notes, but it is not sinking in mawkishness, no, remains true to its early making, leaving, leaving “expensive” smell, and leaves? I hear it even after 16 hours!

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Recognizable, memorable, original, discontinued…

No, I’m not going to say that this is my “perfumes I have” and now life has lost meaning, but still a shame when a decent flavor character becomes unprofitable, giving way to the next Flanker. But maybe I’m wrong? And once the scent is removed, he’s not that good? And should give way to the new? Let’s talk about it, and at the same time remember those fragrances that I would like to bring back to life.

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