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A failed cosmetic results in December, and I just now got. But better late than never πŸ™‚

Well, straight to the point) Write in order of application to the face, at the end of the post the video makeup with most of the products.

Holika Holika Petit Aqua BB cream

A great cream for every day

  • Easy to apply even with your fingers
  • Has quite a natural finish (not too wet and not too matte)
  • Cover the most part of shortcomings
  • Can be used under the eyes
  • Adapts to skin tone
  • Not peeling stresses
  • Comfortable to wear
  • SPF25
  • Pleasant not cloying flavor

Minus: only one shade in the line( will Fit fair-skinned girls

Avon BB Cream & Young

Bottom-BB cream Holika, top & Young

Just making a Swatch to see how much they differ in color from Holika Holika????

Now, when I am very fair, hair dark for me, although it translucent, so a couple of months ago still fit color. But generally it is very good for the money.

  • Does not cover faults, but very nicely evens skin tone
  • Perfume I don’t like, but willing to endure it for the effect on the face
  • Can be applied under the eyes
  • Does not emphasize pores, unevenness, peeling, fuzz
  • Wet finish (not exactly like owners of oily skin)
  • If powder, it keeps well and is no longer actively Shine

Of the minuses: it sticky dry products (blush, sculptor, etc.). so before them it is better to powder it.

Bottom-BB cream Holika, top & Young

Wrote about it, and other cool stuff from the Belarusian brands here.

Concealer Clarins Instant Concealer, 01

First tried it on courses make-up artists, looked how it looks on different skin at first, and then bought to a personal beautician.

  • Light texture
  • Does not dry the skin under the eyes
  • Good, evenly distributed even toes
  • Copes with dark rings under the eyes
  • Almost not clogged in the folds
  • Well Blendable into the skin, leaving no boundaries β€” I often only use it (under eyes and T-zone) and use concealer

The shade is rosolino β€” maybe that’s why he’s so good under laserstrahl

Bought it at a discount for 900 rubles β€” it turns out not too expensive given the volume of 15 ml and a small flow

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Sculptors, military

Sculptor Estrade, 208

Budget cool sculptor

  • Very nice shade with a slightly olive undertone. Great at any time of the year. Just in the summer can be more intensively applied, if the skin is tanned.
  • Not dusty
  • Pigmentation the average. Makes it easy to work with him, at the same time not making 100500 nalavany and not risk to put a stain
  • Nice price of about 200 rubles

Palette with sculptor and two militerni Vivienne Sabo Mariniere 02

  • The sculptor does not rigit, great for fair skin. I like to wear it in the cold season.
  • Not very pigmented, so it is impossible to Apatite or overdo it
  • The consumption is extremely economical.

Military: light use in the cold season, one that is darker in summer. Mood interfere with each other.

The radiance not the intensity from the first stroke, and every day is a natural, neat some

The texture is almost not stress!

Sculptors: to the left is Vivienne Sabo, right β€” EstradeΠ₯Π°ΠΉΠ»Π°ΠΉΡ‚Π΅Ρ€Ρ‹:: bottom β€” Vivienne Sabo, above β€” BelorDesign

BelorDesign Highlighter Incredible Hollywood tone 01

Very nice piece.

  • The texture is silky, soft, as if even a little musawa
  • Without sparkles!
  • Gives a very delicate glow when applied in a single layer with a fluffy brush
  • May be layered to achieve a much more bright option
  • I like the shadow on the eyelid. and beautiful refreshing look
  • Can be applied all over the face, especially if the skin is dry
  • I think the shade is universal β€” it looks harmonious and the light and pojarevska the skin

Nars Orgasm Blush

The favorite of many, and I among them. Though like so many on the market, but they are still lovely for me πŸ™‚

  • Universal shade for winter and summer
  • Shining, but not too, so they look good even on slightly distressed leather with uneven terrain
  • A very good refreshing make-up and appearance in General. If you want a person to be livelier, stronger, it will definitely cause them.
  • Not too strong pigmentation. For example, their counterparts from the Sleek much more pigmented and you have to be careful.

Powder Clinique Almost Powder Makeup

Living with me for several years. Powder-traveler???? Beautiful from all sides )

  • A thin invisible coating β€” use it solo, when the skin is all good, but I want to make it a little more matte and aligned
  • Does not feel on the face
  • Does not dry the skin, but under the eyes I paint her
  • A convenient, though not the most beautiful packaging. By the way the dust fell a million times from different heights, on different coverage, but never suffered ????
  • Good brush in the kit
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Top β€” blush underneath powder


Pencil eyeliner Vivienne Sabo Automatic Brow Pencil Brow Arcade 01, 02

The best eyebrow pencil I’ve tried!

  • Does not require sharpening
  • Not too dry and not too oily
  • Draws very naturally and subtly through small stylus
  • You can draw the hairs or just fill in the eyebrow
  • A very handy brush on the reverse side
  • Costs about 200 rubles

Of the minuses β€” quickly comes to an end πŸ™

In General, more information about Vivienne Sabo wrote here

Brow gel Essence Make Me Brow

  • The composition is fiber β€” so eyebrows become more voluminous and fluffy
  • Color hairs can use solo without a pencil
  • Compact package, convenient small brush β€” you can paint over the eyebrows even thinner areas and at the same time not to paint the skin around πŸ™‚

Of the minuses for someone: commit not concrete. And it ends quickly.

Hoisted on his mother, she is also happy:)

On the left is the brow gel, to the right, pencil in shade 01


Liquid matte lipstick in Matte Nude-a Very Complimenti, shade 11, 14

  • Nice Muscovy texture
  • Convenient applicator
  • Hardens too quickly, which gives the opportunity to correct the mistakes, if something went wrong
  • Comfortable to wear, “eaten up” beautifully (perhaps at the expense of hue, but she and the strip doesn’t roll)
  • Does not dry the lips if it to put the balm on
  • Resistance without fat snacks about 3-4 hours

Of the minuses for someone: not very dense color, while layering looks worse than one thin layer

A lipstick in the stick Rimmel 070, 077

Left 070 right β€” 077

I love these colors. So calm nudy every day.

  • Very comfortable classic cream lipstick
  • Beautiful fade from her lips, not moving and not clogged in the folds
  • Do not dry
  • You can apply without a brush directly from the tube
  • Resistance about 3 hours without snacking
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Lip gloss Art-Visage, 104

The glitter I have a simple requirement: I want them not rolled out and was not sticky ????

  • 100% non-sticky in the market β€” enough to swear. This is one of them.
  • Overall meets my wishes and it looks beautiful on the lips.
  • Little imperfections on the lips (if there is severe damage, bites, peeling, then apply this gloss)
  • Some sequins, but they are sooo small and look neat and not deseved.

Top β€” Very 11, 14, bottom β€” Rimmel 070, 077, right β€” Art-Visage, 104Π‘Π²Π΅Ρ€Ρ…Ρƒ β€” Very 11, 14, bottom β€” Rimmel 070, 077, right β€” Art-Visage, 104

Cream shadow Maybeline Color Tattoo 35

There are generally those who don’t try?) I use them and they make me not bored.

  • Very versatile and easy to use
  • Persistent, not falling
  • Well pigmented
  • Easily applied, quickly become flustered
  • Can serve as a base for dry shadows
  • Accentuate blue eyes
  • Tenacious β€” I have still not dried up in the Bank, although they probably have a couple of years (I can shower Slippers ????)

Even wrote about them here. I think I am with them forever???? )))) got some girlfriends who are generally not fans of makeup, but these shadows they fell in love)

Ink Gurmandiz Eve

Great ink for your money. Doing with her “mom” makeup without makeup:)))

  • The packaging is unusual, the brush classic
  • Makes a little bit of everything: lengthens, gives volume, does not stick, stained well
  • Lasts all day
  • Smooth quick rinse micellar water

Cons: dries quickly in the tube, but I forgive her on this case, because it is inexpensive.

Among the favorites were the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. Used it when I wanted a more expressive effect.

For greater clarity, you can see how certain products look in person.

Thank you for reading to the end. I love posts about favorite cosmetics, and they often get under my favorites. I think this is generally the most useful format. I hope my list is useful to you πŸ™‚

Nice to meet you,


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