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Cosmetic ArtDeco I have always been of particular interest.

I love their system replaceable units “Mosaic”, where each season the brand presents limited editions of new cases with fragments of works by famous artists and designers; and a rich color palette, and of course, the quality of the products.

About three absolute favorites of the brand under the cut))

Initially it was intended to include in post all available to me “odnushki” eye shadow, bronzer and some blush, but how should weigh that to read such a sheet will be difficult, I decided to leave it) So today is just about what I use almost daily.

  • ArtDecoEyeshadow Base — shade, shade

  • In my opinion, this is one of the most affordable and quite qualitative bases under shadows. The base is enclosed in a plastic plate, were additionally Packed in a cardboard box. A volume of 5 ml, but since the consumption of such products is very small, it will last him a really long time. Scent., fragrance strong, in my opinion, but not to fight on the spot.

    Consistency — gentle cream, pinkish-beige, translucent. However, my eyelids are “tuning” is quite good, evens out the overall tone (in particular, due to the tiny shimmer).

    The base is not dry and tightens the eyelids.

    It happened that with other products my eyelids became heavier like, the skin was pulled like a cork, but for my rather thin, age age already, still looming, this is unacceptable. With this instance it is not. The eyelid skin to the touch and visually, remains smooth and soft))

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    Vitality shadows on this basis — above all praise, and the color, of course, reveals much better, even with quite a disaster, poorly pigmented shadows.

    For example, I took the “stone” shade of disgusting quality palettes Soda, which you just have to RUB to get the color, and on the basis of ArtDeco they look much better (don’t ask me what attack I bought this palette).

    In short, the basis for me — above all praise. Shadows fall exactly, well shaded, striped do not roll down. Buy a second time, and the best option for durability and price I have not found… Tell us about your favorite eyeshadow base?)

    Price: around 430 RUB.

    Rating: 5.

    2.ArtDeco High Precision Liquid Liner — eyeliner

    The absolute hit of the brand is the eyeliner.

    I love myself mirror-silver case and applicator in the form of fine brushes. The difference with felt applicators is enormous, elastic tip brush draws a beautiful arrow, the brush does not change shape, and the black pigment is not plesivec when applying and overlaying.

    The cap sits snugly closed until you hear a click, so you can not worry about the fact that the liner will dry up prematurely. I’ve had it for 5 months, and draws arrows as perfectly as in the first few days of use. Her work is fantastic arrows, as a super slim and more vivid, dramatic. Resistance is beautiful, the pigment rich, not spreading on the skin and is not lubricated.

    Plan to take the same brown shade. And I want to compare it with like eyeliner with brush from popular Physician”s Formula, who is there like you? If you compare?..

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    Price: 900 RUB.

    Rating: 5+

    3.ArtDecoGlow Powder — highlighter/fluorescent powder (shade Silk road)

    The highlighter is in the tray with the magnet, so that it can be place in your beauty case. The texture is delicate and weightless, silky to the touch. Attribute it to the category of sensitive Sverchok, however, if desired, it can be layered to achieve a more specular.

    The shade is wonderful, pearly pink, Svetlogorsk. In the line there is another, more Golden hue, but in my opinion, on light skin it looks alien, overly yellow. This is fine))

    Dense layer:

    The intensity of application depends on the density of the selected brush, but in General, shining powder look equally good and are thin and denser layer. Reflective particles of powder are very small and give the effect is always appropriate, delicate, moist glow.

    Texture can emphasize, but I think this is a lot of sparkling products.

    Could not convey the beauty of highlighter to the sun, as we now have almost no Sunny days(( But believe me, it looks very cool!

    Durability is average, the evening coverage looks less than sparkling, but, nevertheless, worthy.

    Available I have dry shining products I now prefer it, because with him no problem — he waved a couple of times with a brush and you’re done!

    Price: about 400 rubles at a discount

    Rating: 5!

    Thank you for your attention! And tell us about your favorites brands?..

    Be beautiful!


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