Favorite summer Nude. Tom Ford lipstick in shade 06 Revolve Around Me

Sudovye lipstick — a thing out of season. But in the summer I want to wear them more often. Perhaps the reason is a light tan, which so well set off bright and neutral shades.

I want to share with you copies of your favorite collection.

Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Color in shade 06 Revolve Around Me is warm, very light beige hue. The color is soft and radiant. Reminds me of caramel, toffee or boiled condensed milk.

Lipstick came out in the summer collection (this is easy to guess the white case) 2016. And was quickly sold out (especially in Asia), because at the time of release was limitai. Unfortunately, I don’t know if she is now in the permanent collection, or never been reissued.

On the cap — the initials of Maestro.

Flavor is standard for the TF lipsticks — vanilla, quite intense. Feels when applied.

The texture is creamy, oily. Consumption is above average. It is applied easily to such a tint (a very light lipstick, alas, even in the Suite are often capricious) gives good coverage, bald spots do not occur. You can layer a second time, but the third layer not to do: lips will look hard. However, it is not required. All the lipsticks give a Volume covering from the first stroke.

Like all lipsticks Ford does not require the use of pencil for the outline. Intact worn for 2 hours. Comes with a light snack, and intense conversations.

The lipstick is very nourishing, good nourishes the lips.

And the best thing… hue

I love this color!

One may consider cosmetics to Ford’s overrated, but the hints he has caught the amazing balance of the “everyday, but not trivial.”

On the skin near the lips looks just as well as on swatches above: smoothly, evenly, exquisitely.

If lips bright lipstick will look light beige. If bright pink, then added a very gentle, almost imperceptible pinkish component.

In a General way:

Summary: I really like this series of lipsticks by Tom Ford, sincerely read it very comfortable for daily use. The lipstick has all the disadvantages (not lasting more than 2 hours) and the pros (nourishing and gentle) creamy textures good Suite. But the color… I was willing to forgive even small errors. However, they Revolve Around Me not.

Name — Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Color 06 Revolve Around Me

Weight — 3 g

Country of origin — Belgium

Cost — at the time of purchase 3 500 rubles discount.

Rating is 5

Now the concept of “Nude” is very much extended. We began to realize that our personal nudum is not always beige in its classic design. Sometimes newdom can look lipstick shade medium, and scatter the extra colors in mixing is very large — pink, rose wood, purple, brown, etc.

And what sudovye lipstick do you love?

Thank you for your attention!


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