Favorite winter products for sensitive skin

I would like to tell you a little about my favorite winter skin. For me winter is always a difficult time, and so very sensitive skin is constantly exposed to all sorts of seasonal stress and the search for means that can help it survive is the task Namba van for me during this period.

My first winter favorite — a soothing cream Bepanthol from German company Bayer.

Cream well-packaged for my taste, soft, rough tube, which contact in particular with oxygen does not, and places a minimum on the dresser is, and a way to squeeze droplets.

Tool a volume of 50 grams, the aroma is barely perceptible something with medical notes, texture — light cream, absorbs almost zero for 5-7 minutes.

The composition of the preparation the following:

water, Caprylic triglyceride (natural water softener derived from coconut and palm oils), glycerin, pantile glycol, olive oil, panthenol, Cetearyl alcohol, Shea butter, glyceryl stearate citrate, meadowfoam oil ( it is close in composition to jojoba oil, but has higher stability and oxidation resistance, also has regenerative properties, prevents wrinkles, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin, exerts a seborrhea-regulating, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect), butyleneglycol, hydrolyzed lecithin (softens and tones the skin, also an antioxidant), ceramide 3 ( restores the protective barrier of the skin, nourishes, moisturizes, relieves irritation), sodium PPK, squalane, stearyl glycyrrhetinate (is this anti-inflammatory drug, produced from the extract of licorice root (licorice), softens and soothes the skin), carbomer, sodium carbomer, xanthan gum, hydroxyphenyl propanediamine acid ( it’s an antihistamine, antioxidant, reduces redness and skin irritation reduces inflammation of the skin).

The manufacturer is quite short in its promises regarding this cream, they boil down to the fact that the drug is intended to assist and calm the skin with itching, redness and irritation, and also means that the cream is suited to any age of consumers — from babies to adults.

My personal impressions of the cream full of enthusiasm, honestly. This cream I use in the late autumn, winter and early spring for the purpose of protecting the skin from external effects of weather and in any season in the case of high innate sensitivity. I have very oily and very oily skin, and still very sensitive, plus is constantly exposed to dermatological treatment for acne, so what tool can help me to calm her down — it’s a godsend.

The cream absorbs fairly quickly on me, I use it ever day, does not conflict with any makeup, powder and tone are good. Very quickly soothes and relieves redness and irritation, removes flaking, not greasy, does not clog pores, does not cause the formation of pimples and comedones. Absolute excellence in the application for already mentioned reasons, but also this cream and truly love my husband with very dry, thin skin (that’s generally the rarest of the rare) and daughter — atopica.

well helps with irritation and redness of the skin
virtually odourless
well absorbed
does not cause excessive oiliness
good job with the peeling and dryness
does not provoke the formation of pimples and comedienne discovered

700₽цена10/10оценка2 year, 5P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin, sensitive skin

Recommendation for use — extremely I recommend to pay attention to those who are relevant.

Second, my clever, handsome, favorite and a winter favorite — balm -restorer for cracked lips Derma Bepanthen from Bayer.

Baby Packed in a small tube, the volume is 7.5 GRS, flavor — again, something little-vaguely -medical, texture — creamy, light, but, attention, the tool is not absorbed at zero, it is barely perceptible layer (not film!) feel on the lips and the feeling is extremely pleasant. Not shiny, not greasy, very comfortable soft means.

The composition is as follows:

Would like to comment on some nice, in my opinion, the ingredients:

Sorbitol — softens and moisturizes the skin, soothing effect

Caprylic triglyceride – an antibacterial component

Glycineis an amino acid, humidifier

Panthenol – moisturizing, regeneration, skin healing

Tocopherol acetate – vitamin E, antioxidant, nourishing, softens the skin, UV protection, anti-inflammatory, moisturizer

The ordinary wheat extract – provides a conditioning of the skin, whitens the skin, works as an antioxidant, antiseptic, moisturizer, softening component, has anti-aging effect.

 Ceramide 3 – restores the protective barrier, nourishes, tones and moisturizes, reduces irritation

Lecithin — softens the skin, tones, antioxidant.

The manufacturer positions the tool as a moisturizing, nourishing and giving protection from external influences.

Personal experience my sparkle with delight and approval. Moreover, the manufacturer is true to his promises — the tool really is excellent and is instantly absorbed, to hydrate the lips at all to him equal to me no, food and protection from the outside world the balm is quite decent. Helps to cope with flaking, non-critical cracks, does not leave a noticeable oily or waxy film, does not leave white marks, is a good nourishing and moisturizing base under lipstick.

Here is a photo of a cloudy day on the street with just apply the balm all the beauty in the cracks as it is in naked form.

Photo in 10 minutes after application. Of course, instant recovery yet and can not be, but visually noticeable softening of the lips and smoothing cracks. When using the balm the day such damage is already passed on.


Perfect means that I can safely recommend to all.

perfectly moisturizes
it absorbs quickly, leaving soft, moisturised and protected lips
good treats flaking and shallow cracks
leaves no film
it serves as a good base for decorative paladone discovered

200₽цена10/10оценка2 year, 3P/danapalooza skin Type: Dry skin, dehydrated skin

Friends, I am sincerely interested in your impressions from the funds :).

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