Favorite YouTube bloggers! Powermatte NARS LIP Pigment in shade warm leatherette


My name is Vika and I’m lipstick junkie!)

I’ve always been a fan of bloggers on YouTube, examined these videos and their opinion is often helped in a useful choice.

Matte lipstick from NARS, quickly blew up a popular web site and entered the tops of beauty products bloggers.

Today I reveal my opinion about American beauty star…))

To begin with, I love these colors, crimson and berry, full bodied, dark enough.

The site is very well transferred tone!

The applicator is solid with small fibers, as in most similar products, put quite a chore for me, but it applies to all of these lipsticks, so claims can not be.

Durability… Lipstick from NARS is very cleverly printed on the mug, however despite this it remains a long time on the lips, slowly giving your pigment on other objects that touch your lips, tintoy hard enough off the lip evenly, of course, if they are in a killed state.

Coating density texture-average, but the lip color completely covers, tightens them, and does harmonica…

On top of the lipstick apply a little glitter for some reason))

Remember when the first time I tried a liquid matte Nuba Molebatsi, my happiness was not the end, this velvet stand, just a breakthrough… Then all and Sundry began to copy the formula, well as always happens. And since I don’t see much progress …

In these lipsticks, almost all likewise, even smell the same.

Probably NARS wanted to find a middle ground and combine the best qualities of matte lipsticks, to some extent they succeeded, but nothing special)))


Rating: 8/10

5.5 ml

Thank you for your attention!

All a good day.))

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