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What products have won a place of honor in the purse…
The American brand NARS has become my discovery in the past year. What I hadn’t got hit in 10ку. Initially I was attracted by the design, and later pleased with the quality. Today this brand is gradually replacing the rest of my chest, but today about lipsticks…

So FULL NARS LIP LACQUER VINYL Lacquer lip gloss in shade ABRUZZO. By purchasing this lipstick, I imagined her on special occasions, the mood or the evening, but it has become a daily favorite.
Why? Bright color and strong gloss in one bottle usually do not fit in my casual way, because then it needs to consider and carefully consider, and time is, of course, is not enough. But the color was not as rich as I had imagined, and… Bingo! Turned out not defiantly, but with a twist.
This shade was limited edition, was or in the summer or in the fall collection, however, we still can find it. Cherry base with lots of colorful sequins covers the native pigment at 80 percent, basically it is a cool shade, and only at a certain angle appear gold or greenish “warming” touch.
The packaging is compact and simple, a tube with a square cross-section nested in a cardboard box, no extra earbuds, typical of the brand. Puff like a shovel, the manufacturer recommends that you use the concave side for application and more flat — to distribute the lipstick, and Yes, so comfortable.Behavior can not be called perfect: lipstick requires pencil, I noticed it only when there was severe cracks in the corners, but nonetheless. This varnish is better not to layer to infinity, will then become visible flowing in folds (but only near). And one more feature: this product is friends best with bare lips on balm once tried and got an imperfect mucosa with irregular prokras. So carry on without him but my lips completely comfortable.Polish lip I have for the first time, and now I define this category as highly pigmented lip glosses. Vet texture feels sticky, the hair can cling to, but there is a rich color. The gloss is gorgeous and the product is beautifully shining in the artificial light, and still wondering going.Flash / lipstick off lips
The blur and flash
First disappears in a few hours the gloss is like metallic, with food gradually fading glitter, but in person they do not migrate, and then remains a light pink.
Enjoy 3 months.
The cost 2099 rubles to discounts.
Will remove the point for the need of a pencil and not always predictable behavior of the mucous membrane, so assessed at 8 out of 10.
In General, when existing shortcomings, I love this lipstick, I wear often.

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Another representative of the brand — Ultamately NARS lip Powermatte Lip Pigment in shade SAVE THE QUEEN.My previous experiments with matte textures were not successful, and I at them did not even watched already. But brand consultant assured me that the lipstick does not dry, and I decided to try it.
Well, it’s a dark pink-purple shade of the cold temperature. Daylight / flash
The texture of the product is quite liquid, and a pointed fluffy puff does it well. Lipstick lies perfectly and do not dry. But do not moisturize, of course. So at the outlet lips will be as dry as if all this time they were without coverage. Somewhere in a minute need the time to study the circuit until the pigment is not “grabbed”. The natural contour of the lips on the spot: not smooth, but not like a desert.Excellent durability, wear all day, but of course a full lunch-dinner break cover in the center of the lips (but it depends on how is))). Love to wear this lipstick as ” in full force…”… and in the option “zatselovali lips.”
Used the product for 2.5 months.
The cost 2199 rubles to discounts.
Safely estimate it at 10 out of 10, have chosen another shade.

The composition of both products:Swatch together:Daylight / flash and blur
Well, speaking of durability: the Fresh Swatch / 2 disc mitsellyarnoi later

Here’s a story of love turned out…
My name is Maria, nice to meet you.

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