Favorites Wet n Wild for the summer 2018

It turned out that this summer I’m not so much of the decor was bought, all the money was spent mainly on the skin cosmetics. But by the new palettes and fixing spray from wet n wild I could not pass, at least use these foods sparingly, but decided to talk a little bit about them.

Illuminating powder Wet n wild Mega glow Highlighting Powder E319b blossom glow

Swatch in daylight

Become a magpie, but without a highlighter you can get your makeup. Need at least a little, at least over the lip… a Highlighter I use actively and quickly enough they have me over (that’s terrible). Most of all I love wet n wild `native limited-edition products, they sold out lightning fast and the quality is not worse than the expensive Suite. Shade Blossom Glow though is not limitai, but to catch it on sale unreal, I think I oravala the last instance in Russia, because in any store it is not. If you suddenly find take without zatista girls, it’s worth it!

Gentle flickering can be created using the correct shading? Not for this product! It perfectly fits and blends easily in any (with the shading I have problems and often military Shine like a buttery pancake on my face). Can be applied with a brush, fingers or even your favorite byteblaster is my favorite version of this brush Zoeva. This product is not dusty. At all!

Rating: 5 points

Price: 220 roubles

Lipstick Matte Liquid Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Matte Lipstick Catsuit E924b rebel rose

Swatch in daylight on the brow pencil and a matte lipstick

Matte lipstick is not really my thing, I would rather choose some tint, oil or lip balm, of which a great many in all sorts of brands. But sometimes it pulls on bright lips, so I prefer nodoby undertone in dirty pink shade. Even with this lipstick I decided to play and did not cause standard with an applicator, and distributed the lipstick on like four little dots and with the help of a finger smeared all over his lips. What came out of it, look at the photos at the end of the post!

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If you discuss quality, then the lipstick does not dry lips

Price: 213 rubles

Rating: 5

Eyebrow pencil Automatic Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable Pencil E626a ash brown

Even could not think that this pencil is so cool! I prefer wooden pencils that you can sharpen, auto favorite is only Beautydrugs (buy fourth once, I think it is a success).

The texture is a little waxy, you can easily remove excess with a cotton swab, brush (built-in pencil on the reverse side), or even with your finger.

The pencil has a triangular tip that allows you to draw eyebrow “hair” technique, the same tip does so that the pigment becomes resistant to friction. But I have a life hack for the lazy — I draw the eyebrows as you want, you can direct specifically to paint, and then carefully combing your brows with the brush. 1 minute and elegant eyebrows done!

My pencil in the shade Ash Brown is the perfect brown cool undertone without too much dirt.

Rating: 5

Price: 139 roubles

Palette Eyeshadow Wet n Wild Color Icon 10 Pan Palette (10 Shades) E758 rose in the air (left)

Palette Eyeshadow Wet n Wild Color Icon 10 Pan Palette (10 Shades) E757a nude awakening (on the right)

E758 rose in the air — E757a nude awakening

Legendary 6 color palettes have gone through an upgrade, namely a new packaging! Favorite, the most popular colors now in a more stylish design that is pleasing to the eye. Frankly, but the previous palettes I visually didn’t like at all, only used for cool content. Now the content remains the same, but the packaging is so cool, fashionable, even wet n wild is trying to stand still and “take” customers not only the price but also in design. Oh, and most importantly — now in a palette of 10 colors!

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E757a nude awakening

E758 rose in the air

E758 rose in the air

E757a nude awakening

Be honest and please don’t swear at me in the comments, but I do cosmeticly the rules 100 percent, I do Swatch makeup in daylight, as well as make clear photos of the product itself. Unfortunately I’m not a great makeup artist and can’t do skill age makeup, my favorite makeup to put shadows with your finger, and then take a fluffy brush zoeva and walk in just a few seconds for her to not have clear boundaries. At worst, I’m always slightly darken the crease using the shade of brick and then on top of it any other color paint. In General the shade I buy actively, use them as actively as I can, but do not know and do not like to photograph them! Sorry again!

Back still to the shadows and their quality, as you can see, I tried “on fingers” to transmit all colors they are capable of. On the eyelid I usually use them with a base eyeshadow (wet n wild, too, by the way) or not, but they look like the pixie dust and that this dust survived at least until lunch without locking (which I write below) is not enough.

E757a nude awakening is my favorite, love sudovye colors and apply them in my life more often than any other shades. Nude — he is the beginning of all beginnings, perfect for any outfit, any season and any time of day!

Do not roll down! Maybe it’s in the database, but anyway I’m not worrying about it all day, you know that eye anyway I have underlined. And in 757 the palette I use one shade (swatches is 1 pic on the little finger) as the shadow for the eyebrows. He’s just a top matte without a hint of shimmer, perfect for all eyebrows!

If you love eyeshadow — palette you need to take them in the collection still have some color, I was attracted to the green range, but I’m sorry to use it don’t know how. That’s just the same green palette sooooo similar to their famous Comfort Zones.

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Price: 326 roubles

Rating:5 (they are better in the segment of mass market)

For a long time I believed all sorts of clamps but an unnecessary indulgence, but later bought the retainer Clarins and began to enjoy this strange, but very nice stuff. Kidding kidding, actually the lock for makeup do the right thing and you will feel the difference immediately. I usually paint early in the morning to 7:30 and during lunch break (at 15:00 about) I see that on the face there is not a Foundation or blush… now the situation has changed cardinally and I even in the evening sees a full (well, except for the lips) makeup, like barely twelve hours.

Latch wet n wild the same enthusiasm as clarins, that’s just the price he wins and I noticed that he is much stronger (if you can say firmly) fix the makeup. The only negative — you need to wait literally 1.5-2 minutes after application and after full absorption of the striker can safely at least to change clothes, makeup will be one hundred percent fixed, and the clothes are not dirty neither Foundation nor powder. Just respect!

Well, if someone is fundamental appearance, wet n wild doesn’t boast, it’s a plain white bottle with no frills, but I love it for the quality and convenient spray.

Price: 240 roubles

Rating: 5

My daily makeup:

Matte lipstick + highlighter + eyebrow pencil + eye shadow from the palette E758 rose in the air + fixing spray for the face

Here’s a little story about budget products all summer actively yuzayutsya me. Love them and one hundred percent repeat matte lipstick (shade only), fixing spray and eyebrow pencil!

I — Vita, me on “you” 🙂

Do you use wet n wild? In the favorites?

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