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I desperately longed for to get this palette since the moment I saw the promo. Kat Von D has long wandered somewhere at the top of my list of “must try”, and this Limite seemed all the stars aligned: attractive design and colors that I more than like you. Hardly waiting for black Friday, I got it for half price, and waited, for some reason, reading mostly negative reviews about shipping from the official website. With my palette all cost.

The outer cardboard box looks very nice, embossed repeating pattern on the cover of the palette, and all the necessary information. The problem is that these photos were taken immediately after I opened the package and attempted in vain to clean off the surface dust and traces of someone’s fingers (they were there originally, as if to say: “Here was John”).

On the rear side — shades with names (as usual, not very similar to what’s on the inside) and composition for those interested.

The palette itself is, to me, very beautiful. But as you can see, dust me with her a scrub and failed, had to sigh, and dust from across the room happily rushed to the glossy surface, so that after gleefully giggle from the screen. If you do not pay attention to them, embroidered the name of the palette with the whip I really like.

What I don’t like is the lack of any protection on the outside what’s inside. On the box there is even a tiny piece of tape, the palette is not covered with a film inside the film is also not on top of soul school, which is the mirror. In the end, the mirror also had to wipe the dust from the shadows, which are smooth rectangles, repeating the contours of the soul school. The palette closes on the magnet.

Mirror — beautiful, with the same whip in the design, just cover with him holding the word at all. To use any poderi, or keep the whole edifice in one hand.

The selection of shades, as I said, I liked it. The variety of textures is also a plus in favor of universality. But one thing shadows in refile another to swatches. View?

The top Swatch is done on clean skin, from the bottom to the base for glitter Essence (which I’ve had a terrible Allergy, and glitter does not hold the word “all”. I do not advise).

And here I was a little sad. The quality of the shadows on the hand was much below average. Satin still somehow manifested himself, but Matt… you can see for yourself.

But the second part was unexpectedly. As if the creators specifically made normal colors in the right half of the palette. So I thought, when finished with switchme on hand. The cost to move to my eyes and something strange happened. Half of the shades, which shockingly showed itself, for centuries was suddenly transformed. How it works, I don’t know, really.

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Just make a reservation: all shadows, except for the Bondage, the dust. Some slightly more, some slightly less, but after adding another hue have to blow on the palette, to remove the dust. For me it usually doesn’t matter much, but here at some point start to strain. Not the biggest disadvantage, however, sediment remains. Also the dark shades much fall under the eyes when applied, so a person better to deal with is when with makeup on the eyelids will be done.

Swatch on eyes made on the concealer of Catrice.


Nylon — you will learn something nondescript with Swatch above? I’m not. Matte gray with brown undertone, rectoseal in flight, superimposed without problems. Gray eye makeup is my weakness, although can sometimes give a dirty effect. With Nylon this personally, I have not seen. 5/5


Kink — again, where, pray tell, transparent vague that I had to frantically layering on the hand to knock him out of any color? Beautiful matte lilac, Blendable, again, no problem, maybe a little patite when overlaying. 4,5/5


Blindfold — one of the favorites in the palette. Brown-silver satin with a reddish undertone. Blendable nice, no flaking, if you stuff a finger all the beauty, but the brush goes bad. 5/5


Deviant — but this is the main pet. Lilac purple satin with almost neon bluish tint. Can’t keep away from him, day after day, want ever in the area, but to apply. Also do not crumble, use lightest. 5+/5


Whip — gold and bronze sequins on black and brown base. Blendable it is, to put it mildly, not very good, looks best in black Smokey on a movable century on top of a base for glitter. Without a sticky base sparkles fly around like leaves in November, and settle everywhere, except the place of its destination. For further switch you notice them everywhere. Rubbed with difficulty, I have the feeling that when you touch the cotton pad starts to multiply. Honestly, the effect doesn’t seem bright enough to work for him. And Yes, when applied to a black base crumbles under the eyes. 2,5/5


Suspension — cool matte brown. Good, unconditionally. And for the eyebrows and in the crease, and on lower eyelid. In TKH no complaints. 5/5


Rope — bronze on dark gray base. Reminded me of the Ember shade of Naked Heat, only a little softer. Solo on the front looks very good, the main thing to tosevite neatly, not spreading base everywhere. The color is interesting, I want to call it a forest, like the bark of trees in early autumn. Slightly crumbles when applied. 4,5/5


Sex is a matte yellow. Why is it yellow, I’m trying to understand so far. I won’t give here my thoughts about psychology in fetishism, I’ll say that the color I like, very juicy, applied well, although it may act up when overlaying. Nothing fancy here, just an interesting touch. I don’t think that will be often used. 4/5

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Latex — brother Whip, only here the basis of more whimsical and glitter in the blue-purple tones. As an accent looks more interesting than Whip, but I’m still not sure it’s worth it. It is worth considering, and the framework crumbles under the eye of a tropical downpour, so that when applying you have to be careful (and not the fact that it will help). 2,5/5


Obsession — matte blue. Oh and Moody! Under eye flaking to get into the skin need to use a lot of transition shades, this can easily turn them in the mud. Color very attractive, I after several unsuccessful attempts to enter into the fold mainly use it in the arrow. 3,5/5


Chastity is a large gold glitter with no base. In General, that’s all. On the sticky base in an accent very cute. 5/5


Shibari — green satin. Hassle-free, interesting, refreshing. 5/5


Corset — matte purple. What hopes I laid on him! But in the end a shade that can ruin any makeup. Solo behaves more-less, but standing next to be other shadows, begins to behave like a scoundrel. Petit, not late in the century, when shading dark at odds on the point, in General, trouble with them is the sea, and the result is still disappointing. Sorry, 2/5


Cuffs — silver glitter. Particles slightly less than Chastity, respectively, and apply a smoother layer. Under the eye when applying showered, after — nowhere escapes. Looks bright and delicately, I really liked that one. 4,5/5

La petite mort

La petite mort — matte green. The first thing I want to say: do not tushuytes it with Sex! Get muffled mud. Second he, like Obsession, requires patience and a handful of transitional shades. When overlaying lighter. Dusty almost more of all shades in the palette, under the eye when applying also pours quite active. But the color is definitely very good. 3,5/5


Submissive bright sister Chastity. Also looks great as an accent on the sticky base, zero complaints. 5/5


Rubber — matte black. Deceptively well laid on the hand in front Blendable into the dirt, a couple of Corset is able to bring to mind their disobedience. In milesnick it in the crease or in the Smokey — so-so choice. Under eye flaking around them too. For depth we have actively layering, increasing the amount of dust. It was a fiasco. 2/5


Jane — a matte beige. Easily Blendable, it’s easy to get other colours into the skin (even La petite Mort). Workhorse. 5/5


Knotty — matte gray with beige undertone. The grey in this palette gone to glory. Tint soft, the brush is typed in easily, so easily falls on the eyelid. Handsome. 5/5


S&M — Matt dark grey. It’s amazing how bad the Rubber is and how good this shade. And not Petit, Blendable wonderful. 5/5

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Stiletto — cranberry satin. As can be seen, the substrate is crumbling, but this, in my opinion, the little things. Very beautiful! This photo does not convey. Easily Blendable, looks very festive and delicately. Eyes patients does not. 5/5


Dominatrix red satin. I think swatches you can see everything. Don’t know whether there are less distressed hues, especially in such tones. Looks bright, draws the eye, while not vulgar. 5/5


Bondage — red matte, the color of ripe summer strawberries. Love it! As with the other Reds in the palette. Easily layered, easily Blendable, does not spread. 5/5

Safe word

Safe word — off-pink matte. A fellow of the Fixation characteristics. In the feather, and the solo is very good. 5/5

Now to the makeup.

In the crease Knotty and Nylon, in the outer corner and on the lower eyelid S&M, on a movable century Cuffs. in the inner area of the mucosa and Deviant.

In the crease Fixation and Suspension, on a movable century Rope, on the lower eyelid and mucous Blindfold

On top of the previous make-up on top lid added Whip, in the inner area — Chastity and Submissive

In the feather Fixation, fold — La petite mort, the inner corner — Sex, poignee eyelid — Shibari, arrow and mucosa — Obsession

In the feather Safe Word, in the inner half of the eyelids Deviant, in the outer — Stiletto, on the lower eyelid as well.

In the feather Safe word and the Kinkin fold Corset and Rubber (which drove me crazy! On the right eye you can see that I’m with them and not SPRof avilas, having set spots). Mobile eyelid — Latex, inner corner of Deviant. Lower eyelidCorset (who will manage to find out there, that sweetie)

In the feather Safe Word, crease and lower eyelid — Bondage, outdoor area and a mucosa — Rubber, top lid — Dominatrix, internal area — Chastity

What to say at the end… Can I someone advise? Rather no than Yes. Do you regret what you bought? Either. More than half of the shades are quite liked me, and I know that this palette will not gather dust in the corner as a reminder of unfulfilled dreams. Only here in the direction of brand cat now does not pull.

And what assessment is there to put? I have no idea. Thoughts some contradictions, you want to inflate for an amazing grey and red, reminded the creepy Rubber and Corset (and the full cost of the palette), and the trembling finger over the unit. Therefore, the total points bet I will not give it to you for mercy.

Cost: I took 31,50$, total price is 63$

I’m Alena, me for you.

I hope that was helpful 🙂

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