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Good evening!

Today I want to warn you from possible frustration, speaking about a tone that you probably do not need. To share my resentment can under the cut (all gentle creatures, afraid of the kind of skin problem that call for nerves :))

The bottle is simple and uncluttered, but quite stylish. However, the dispenser is not very convenient: if you attempt to remove the tone, you will definitely pollute the surrounding environment. I think the “nose” short. But it’s all the little nuances, the beloved Double Wear EL no spout.

The odorant is present and fairly bright — at least for me and enjoyable, but I understand that it will not be everyone’s liking. In a sock in the face was not there, but while you’re “primed” face — smelling the “dont want”.

Consistency in tone is quite liquid (a drop to spread out), but he quickly fixed, becoming clay. Not to live a tight clay like Max Factor Lasting Perfomance, but very noticeable. This particularly affects shading — for her time is short, just a few seconds to have time to blend, while the tone is not fixed on the skin. Best option: apply a little bit and immediately distribute.

20 Ivory shade is a pretty bright yellow, I had a good fit.

What to apply?

Fingers — definitely not: first, it will be difficult for them to wash, secondly, the cream is very noticeable on the skin (perhaps in my case, my hands are always cold, not warm tone). Compromise: apply and distribute hands detusheva with a sponge or brush.

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Brush — you can tone under her porosity will not, but the strokes must be quick and sure. Distributed strokes, then hammered.

The sponge — probably the most suitable option, although not particularly save you from problems later.

In General, the scheme is as follows: a small amount of quick stretch and wash. Much pouring is not necessary, layering is not worth it, however, its coverage is great (so not needed) that my permanent problem skin is a big plus. If not “but”.

So what’s wrong?

Cream Fresh tone Infaillible 24H in shade 20 Ivory very ugly placed on the skin! He emphasizes all the possible peeling, even those of which you were unaware. No clear peeling, but the skin is dry? Be sure all dry areas of your face are bound to be discovered and highlighted. Wrinkles there, all the secret will be revealed.

But after a couple hours it gets even worse: the tone begins to slowly spread from the center to the periphery, as if the sebum is being eroded. And I do not have oily skin, among other things. Accordingly, all camouflaged pimples start treacherously to look through.

TO clean moisturized corado: pure hydrated Coupole, tone tone Fresh Infaillible 24H in shade 20 Ivory L’oreal Role, tone tone Fresh Infaillible 24H in shade 20 Ivory L’oreal Paris

As if in mockery, l’oreal sent me the instructions for the preparation of skin for application tone: moisturize, then primer and then Foundation. Seriously? Well, I know that the skin need to moisturize, moisturize the skin it will HAVE, because the tone also dries!

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And why all this, if there are tones that don’t emphasize the problem so much. And even without a primer.

By the way, the primer. I decided that Infaillible Pore Refining should fit just perfect, and so it’s something Fresh tone 24H will lie well. No. Will not. See for yourself.

TO the skin After the primer, tone tone Fresh Infaillible 24H

If earlier the tone is just ugly lying, emphasizing the dryness, but now he still clearly outlined each of my wide time cheerful yellow point. Beauty? So the tone is on the primer, applied by brush. Interestingly, he also without primer lies better. And other tones of this primer are better. Apparently, the alcohol in tone and Dimethicone in the database not friends, but, for a moment, that the products of one line, Infaillible, they really like nothing else should be combined!

It is necessary to give Infaillible 24H Fresh tone to tone self adhesive and it’s really convenient, I do without powder, while it is not printed on the phone and even on clothes. He will remain on the face, just not in its original form.

Despite all of the above, can not fail to recognize that, for example, for shooting where the person will not be close, the tone fits perfectly, because from afar, the skin looks very good. But near…

It won’t work for girls who have dry skin, prone to dryness or have any hint of dryness. That is, it will not fit most part of the female population in the cold season. Oily skin it, I think not too much will go, as there is a risk that the sebum simply corrode tone (unless you use a very good moisturizer, it is moisturizing base under it). Troubled skin is often accompanied by flaking (for example, dries the sores after healing of the pustules) therefore, too wide. It only remains generally normal skin without any problems.

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I tried it for another three or four girlfriends, and only one of them he was lying more or less decently. But you need to take into consideration that she was in position, the skin pregnant a whole other story.

When I used the peel-roll and did a moisturizing sheet mask, tone lay better, but still not perfect, but the skin started to Shine after 7 hours (Yes, a lot, but for me it’s generally a rare occurrence).

I’m not ready to cook the skin so every time I just want to get out of the house, considering that other tones much easier.

Photo full image is not very informative, because, as I said, the tone looks good from afar. Just in case will show.

550₽price5/10оценка2 month, 3P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, there are aknine requires a setting powder
High coverage
Quite stable
Not printed on Deidara perfume
Bad on the skin
Emphasizes dryness and wrinkles
Dries the skin
“Friends” not all primers

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