Fiery hair with Indian henna Henna Lady. Got it?

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Heartfelt greetings to all!

I want to share with you the story of how a modest girl with brown hair turned into a lady with a fiery mane????

I love the care of hair, trying to delve into how to do it properly, study their hair, their “preferences”, so to speak, and my goal is to grow healthy long red curls.

The last year(2018) I diligently grew their natural hair color, I have successfully it turned out, I grew about 15 cm At the end of January(2019) I had half their native undyed hair, half damaged, previously bleacheddyed hair.

Length poor quality I managed more or less to get in order to make softer, obedient, filled with moisture, and overall appearance of the hair looked quite think of anything.

But my problem, which, unfortunately, has followed me my whole life, is the thickness of the hair. Natural the hair grow healthy, shiny, alive, but they lacked the “weight” in the best sense of the word. They were light as a feather, baby. Temporarily solved this problem of the mask, giving the density of hair(nourishing mostly). But wanted more… namely, a density I did not leave after the short of “bathing”.

In this regard, I decided to dye my hair with henna. Of course, there were other reasons(Hello, early graying), which prompted me to do this. I chose henna because it’s the staining does not destroy the structure of the hair and cover it with colored film, thereby thickening the hair. And, of course, it is less harmful for the hair condition in terms of quality length. Is dryness a few days after coloring, but this problem is solved by careful nursing and the addition of various assets in the dye mixture.

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So, for the realization of their ????fire???? dreams I chose henna stamps, Henna Lady, 100% Indian.

Volume: 100 gr.

Price: ~220 RUB.

Testing period: 1 month

Rating: 5

So, my choice fell on this brand for the simple reason that I just started its journey towards herbal coloring, and try more expensive brands do not want. Start small, as they say.

Henna is Packed in a tight package with a zipper, it is a little tight, difficult to open(I opened the package and pulled so hard that the clasp broke on one side of the package, overdone)). Henna itself inside is still in one transparent package, which, as I understand “claim” to vacuumnet.

Overall, the packaging is decent, the light does not pass anything it does not fray.

Grinding this henna I liked it fine without logs, as is usually the case with other budget brands of henna. I.e. during the rinsing of the mixture and the bathroom is clean, no sand and dirt. Due to this grinding application is much easier, and the henna does not fray, well glides over the strands.


In the mix with this henna easily. She was well stirred, obvious lumps there, and if they are, then disappear after insisting.

Again, in applying a mixture of insanely comfortable, it glides through the hair like a mask as my usual dye mixture of the chemical. dyes. It does not fray and does not leak, is very plastic. Lemon juice I don’t add because I have Amla, which creates an acidic environment(to close the cuticles).

To the mixture I also add EM(essential oil) of lavender, for a good return of pigment and aroma. By the way, with regards to flavor. The smell of her herbal, unobtrusive, but after I applied the mixture, I have a headache… I’ve read that this could be staining herbal dyes, but I was hoping that I would be spared. But no. Pill, and forth.

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So take note of those who are very sensitive to smells, and who often suffers from headaches. Generally, of course, it’s all individual, as we all know.

Rinse henna, hair nothing gets to me is enough to wash the hair with water, and then apply the mask(preferably moist). Shampoo I don’t use. Try to paint on Friday evening, then to not wash my hair 2 days to color “opened up” on hair.

That’s what I did. The color was bright but not geeky, natural, I think. What I love about Indian henna, so it’s a richness of color, she has a brightness higher than that of Iranian henna.

Immediately after application

After a couple of days after coloring

Results and conclusions:

So gives me the desired density, which does not disappear
Bright color
Strengthens hair
Accelerates hair growth
Ease of application(a nice grind, easy to kneading and other “buns”)
Causes headache

The disadvantages can include only a headache, but I understand that perhaps this applies only to me, and this does not mean that it will at all. Accordingly, it is not so negative, but purely my thing.

After the staining procedure, the hair quality is hardly affected. By “almost” I mean the dryness of the hair immediately after dyeing. But this problem is solved thanks to a gorgeous moisturising mask(think about it you need to write???? ).

Moreover this dryness is evident at the I only have hair in the first few days after coloring, and then the hair returns to normal, thanks to the thoughtful care.

And most importantly — I made the hair thicker. Tactile sensations hair has become more at times and a half, they are firm, dense. Just what I wanted.

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Thank you all for your attention and wish lavish hair????

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