Finally I found you! The shadows of the Bronx Colors in shade Cool Grey

And do you have shades that pull unbelievable? I’m always drawn to shades of purple décor. Of course, most likely it’s because my eyes are green shade, and it perfectly accentuates them.

A small Preface. I remember some time ago (about two years) firm Bronx Colors sent their products for testing, there were a lot of beautiful reviews, and one of the eyeshadows just touched my heart. Not so long ago, I accidentally and unexpectedly met Bronx Colors on sale. I searched online and found the room so I desired hue and, fortunately, shade was available.

Meet today’s hero — single slide eyeshadows Bronx Colors in the shade of Cool Grey.

Shadows Packed in a cardboard box with information about the composition. The name of the shade is also present. Loved that opening hand taped round sticker that is impossible to tear off without damaging the cardboard. That is, you can be sure that the shade had not been touched and never even opened. The shadows produced in China, the volume of 2 grams.

Self shadows are presented in a metal refile, which, incidentally, not magnetic. I still put him to angle his team of magnetic samples and with both of the remaining sides pressed other refilli.

Shadows applied on top vypirayuschie brand logo, but since the shadow is very soft, wears fast.

The texture of the shadows are very soft and pliable, they are silky and loose, easily recruited as a fluffy brush and synthetic flat. Because of the looseness and abrupt swinging movements may be slightly pitch their small shiny particles around.

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The vitality of the shadows are very decent, on the basis of art Deco without any change lasts from the morning until the evening. I started using these shadows even in the summer, so I can say the hot summer the shade with base easy to carry.

The intensity of application can be very easily varied. A thin layer is very soft, the layering is dense and fascinating. Due to this, the shade is easy to make contact with others and fine shade.

Well, one of the main advantage, in addition to technical characteristics, it is, of course, color. To describe it is difficult, though, because this shade is very sheer duochrome.

That is, under different angles looks different gray-blue, blue-violet, purple, and gold.

Perhaps some of this color will seem to “color from the 90’s”, but I really like it. And actually, I love purple shades, I like them in combination with my green eyes.

The first option. So I wear most often in the crease VG Professional Make Up Eyeshadow in shade 71, an arrow — Inglot eyeliner gel #90.

But how beautiful the shade looks in the macro-photo. Of course, it is not so noticeable, but isn’t it nice to realize that you have such beautiful eyes? 🙂

And so it looks under artificial light, beautiful shimmers.

The second option. Without prorisovany folds, but under the very brow satin shade. Fluorescent option. Arrow of the same eyeliner from Inglot

Third option. Very easy, just present shade and a feathered edge.

Rating: 5 and many +

Price: about 200 rubles with a maximum discount

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Period of use: 3 summer months

And you are familiar with makeup Colors Bronx? What is there to look?

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